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Lost Progress on Spyro Reignited

Activision Support


I have been playing Spyro very frequently over the past few days. I had completed the first two games with 120% and 100% completion respectively. I got about 30% through Year of the Dragon last night and exited the game as normal to go to bed. This evening I returned home from work and found my completion had dropped to 29% on Spyro the Dragon and both other games were back to unplayed 0%. According to the save file I have logged only 1:58:37 game time which is about 15 hours lost I think. I hadn't bothered to keep track since I didn't think it would be going anywhere.I have restarted the game and my system to no avail. I was so proud to have those completion rates so soon after release and was looking forward to finishing the last one. Now I am reluctant to restart the third game again. Anyone else losing saved data like this?

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This happened to me also, I lost about 40% of progress on Spyro the Dragon and then about 15-20% on Ripto’s Rage. Emailed support and they said they would get back to me within 24 hours, but it’s been longer than that with no reply.

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This has happened to me twice. I contacted Activision and chatted with them online. They told me it should save automatically when you get to certain check points. I'm so upset this is happening a 2nd time. In the original spyro game you can save manually. I wish they had that option here. I'm really disappointed in Activision when it came to Spyro. What's the point of playing if my progress never saves? I have to start from the beginning. I have a life a job, I sleep. I cant play all the spyro game all the way through in one sitting. What disappoints me most is that they delayed the release of this game so they could fix any bugs that they might of missed. I can't imagine how bad it must of been before they "fixed" all the bugs. I know they had to start from scratch, but being able to make a way to save a game should be simple. Now I never know when I turn off my xbox if my progress will be saved. It makes me not want to play at all. 

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Same thing happened to us completed the first spyro 4 times and everytime you turn it back on it intermittently dumps all your data!! Not all the time but, majority of the time we have looked up all the tips on how to ensure it saves its all rubbish!! Spyro sucks, complete waste of money!!

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Had the same thing happen beat first one with 120% then about 20% on 2 now im back to 88% on 1 and 0 on rest ... what the hell is the point of auto save if it doesnt work properly??????

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Same thing happened to me. Xb1. Had 100 percent on the first game and 25 on riptos rage - lost both files. I then got to the 25 mark again on riptos rage and guess what - lost that file too. Probably not gonna play until this gets patched but I have no idea if Activision is even addressing this.

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Same here. Spyro is still at 120%, but Ripto's rage went from 70% to 2%. I'm pissed, I really was enjoying the game up until this point. I don't even want to continue playing as I've seen many people say it happens over and over again...

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This also happened to me. Finished Ripto's Rage 100%, get through 25-30% of Year of the Dragon, and go to bed. The next day I'm back to 0% for both games. Flash forward - I plow through Year of the Dragon to about 60-70% (most of the third world done, 102 eggs) and the game starts dropping frames like crazy at the beginning of Charmed Ridge. I quit to the main menu, then quit the game and restart it, and BOOM, my file is back to 29%.


This is awful on Activision's part. I know they were probably under pressure to release after the delays, but obviously the game wasn't ready. A waste of money to buy a game you can't even progress in.

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Same, me and my wife thought that " we didn't save correctly" the first time it happened. We got to 120% on Spyro and started working on riptos revenge. Opened it up this morning and no issues and got close to 50% and this afternoon after dinner we're now looking at 65% on Spyro and @0% on riptos. This is crazy to me in this day and age of gaming how a simple thing like saving our progress is so ***** hard.

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I have 100 of everything in spyro the dragon reignited but on top it says im only at 97% so it wont let me do gnasty gnorcs treasure what do i do to get 100% 

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