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Lost Progress on Spyro Reignited

Activision Support

I was battling scorch but the game crashed. Went back in only to find out my save data crashes. Everything... gone... I’m kinda devastated tbh... all that hard work gone

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I work in the games industry.. this is rediculous to be losing game saves. I'm also devastated, played yesterday for almost 6 hours had over 50% completion of first game and a few hours in third game. Now back down to 17% in first game and 0% on the other two... WHAT THE HELL ACTIVISION? please sort this or I will be refunding this game and telling everyone else I know not to buy it. 

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If this isn’t fixed immediately I want a refund and I’ll never buy an sctivision affiliates game again!

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Lost spyro 1 with 120% completion and spyro 2 with 100% completion somehow too, they just have gone when i started playing game. 

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Same problem here. All of the achievements are still intact but have randomly lost 4 hours of gameplay. Apparently I paid 40 dollars to watch my girlfriend throw my controller and cry on the couch.

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Same thing happened with mine as well, I was 120% the first game and about 75% with Ripto’s Rage. Today I check and the first game is 6% while Ripto’s is back at 0%... extremely frustrating. Are many other people talking about this? I was lucky to find this page. Anyone know how or when this issue could be fixed. Smh 

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I also had that problem and contacted Activision yesterday and they had to send my issue somewhere else because they werent sure what was wrong but i still havent gotten a email from them yet. Please make sure you contact them and let them know what happened so they can fix this glitch!

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Today, 11/20/18. I turned my Xbox One on, opened Spyro and discovered my Ripto’s Rage was back to 89% after having completed the game and was at 95+%. I also lost all progress on Year of the Dragon, which was roughly 30%. What is even more odd that despite Activision being unable to maintain players save files, Microsoft still seems to be able to maintain Achievement files as all the Achievements I unlocked playing the remainder of Ripto’s Rage and Year of the Dragon were still there.

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Today I finally had some time to chat with an Activision Support Agent. The agent was not able to resolve my issue.


"I'll be sending the info over to a higher team so that we can report the issue and see what might have happened. I'll be contacting you via email as soon as I hear something back from them."


I asked how long he expected that to take:


"...unfortunately since the case is going over to a different team I wouldn't be able to give you a time frame on that but I can assure you that it will be reviewed as soon as possible."


This is not a very heartening answer. I will update again if/when I hear back from support.

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It's happened to me four times. Once I lost 30% of progress. Two entire worlds worth, another time I just lost 3% of progress as well as 1%, and most recently I lost about 10% of progress. It's very very stressful especially since I just completed treetops last night and now I'll have to do it again Smiley Sad

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