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Lost Progress on Spyro Reignited

Activision Support

I have also had significant saving failures pretty much since the third day I started playing after it was released. It lost all my progress on Ripto's Rage and altogether about 30% of the original. Has anyone spoken to a representative? I have tried but I was 22nd in queue and ain't nobody got time for that. 

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I’m still waiting for a reply to the case I opened on the 16th, no reply, just a notification that they looked at it on the 19th. The chat support option is always offline when I check, I guess it mush be running on US time? I’m in Australia and I shouldn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night just to get a response. I don’t even want to play this game if it’s just going to keep deleting all my progress.

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I also lost all of my progress on Year Of The Dragon. I couldn’t get ahold of anyone for two days. Finally in the chat they said they had to escalate this to another team. I have a notification from last night that they are “investigating”. I can’t believe they have not addressed this. 

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I just lost everything ... 120% on Spyro the dragon, about 80% on Ripto’s and I turned it off last night .. in at 0% in Ripto’s and 63% in Spyro the dragon. I’m beyond fuc**** mad right now. Will never buy another game from activision 

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So I am having the same problem and I sat in the queue for an hour to chat with an Activision rep. Here is the conversation that I had with them.


David A: Activision Support reporting for duty!
How may I help you today?

You: Hi

You: I'm playing Spyro On Xbox One

David A: Hello Reed, hope you are doing fine today.

You: the game erased about four hours of gameplay randomly

You: there are three pages of similar comments to be found here:

You: basically the exact same problem they are having

David A: Yes this is a known issue and the studio is working on getting this resolved ASAP

You: Ok. Do you have any kind of timeline for the patch?

You: Also, are you planning on offering anything in the way of compensation?

David A: noETA on when it will be fixed, and regarding compensation that would be up to the studio.

You: The studio sold a broken product. If this is not resolved quickly I would like my money back.

David A: any refunds is handle by the retailer from where you purchased the game.

You: I downloaded it from my Xbox One

David A: in that case the refund would be with the MS store

You: Ok. Thank you for your help. I would suggest making a comment on the comment thread link that I sent you, just so that people know what is going on.

David A: thanks for the advice I will pass that up. besides this any other question you may have?

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I had more or less the same exact conversation with an Activision chat agent:

-I referenced the forum posts complaining about the issue

-I explained that the game is broken and unplayable

-I asked for a refund and they directed me to the Microsoft Store as well


I went through MS to ask for a refund a few days ago. They just emailed me back saying I don't qualify for one -_-. This is BS. The game is unplayable. I played through the same gameplay three times only to have it erased each time. Even if the studio fixes the bug, my experience with the game is essentially ruined. I don't want to have to play over the same content for the fourth time. I don't care if it comes from the studio, Activision, or MS, but someone owes me a refund.

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Sorry not much of an update here except to say that I still have not gotten any response from the support team. I spoke with the support agent a week ago now but have not received the follow-up email I was promised from the ‘higher team’. I will update again if I hear anything back.

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Any news?

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same happened to me, twice now 

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Well I’m back again because this morning 12/2 my data is gone for the second time. I am not surprised but I will no longer play this game until this issue is fixed. Many people are talking about this now, can’t they get on it :-( I had 120% the first game twice now. At least 70% Ripto’s twice. Both gone 

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