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My wife's Skylanders Lost Islands Game Keeps Crashing as well!

Activision Support

My wife's Skylanders Lost Islands Game Keeps Crash...

Also, I need to report that my wife's Skylanders Lost Islands game has started crashing as well.  Here is her specifics for your records and to start a case for her as well.

The game started crashing on the 19th of October after visiting her friend's islands to collect kudos.  After that, any time we try the game, even after a hard shutdown of her iPad, it crashes as soon as we try to save the game.  I reported this on my discussion thread on the 20th but have had no response from the help desk on her issue, so I started a new discussion thread in the hopes that someone address this issue, just like mine.

Device: iPad Mini

iOS: 6.1.3

Activate ID: AlexandraB

Email: *Email Removed By Moderator*

She has spent a total of $36.86 on gems packs and single Skylanders offers since she started the game in the February/March timeframe.

Her Game Levels before the crash:

Level 32, 99.4% complete to go to Level 33

All islands unlocked

59 Skylanders

828 Gems

6,290,873 Gold

441,591 Energy

176 Kudos

I have screen captures of all her islands prior to the crash as well as her inventory and her Skylanders, if needed.  Hopefully you can fix my issue and hers soon - we both love this game and so does our son, and now that both of our machines are down, it is very frustrating that we can't play and we have potentially lost all that money.

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Re: My wife's Skylanders Lost Islands Game Keeps C...

in reply to VTCCHokie92

Hello again VTCCHokie92,

Thanks for all of the information you have provided! I have passed this along to be further reviewed so once I receive any updates regarding your account, I will let you know!

Please do let me know should you see any updates pushed to your account.



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Re: My wife's Skylanders Lost Islands Game Keeps C...

in reply to Seanicus23

As of yesterday, 8 November 2013, my wife's game seems to be fixed.  There was a new Activate game available for us to play that I assume was created by you all.  Thank you very much for your assistance.

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