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Need help with SoF:Double Helix install

Activision Support

Need help with SoF:Double Helix install

Since the "contact us" on this site is totally useless as is the Customer support number. Installed three times in one day and every time i go to click something it ends up uninstalling the game. EX, activate rollback feature, freezing on install (My comp is completely up to date). I'd really like some help since i love this game.

PS. Are the SoF MP servers still online to this day?

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Re: Need help with SoF:Double Helix install

in reply to Mr_Kiblings

Hello Mr_Kiblings,

Thanks for taking the time to post!

Where are you installing the game from? A disc, a download link, steam? 

If you can reply with a copy of your DxDiag so that I can further look into this for you.



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Re: Нужна помощь с бесконечности:Двойной Спирали, ...

in reply to Mr_Kiblings

может не верен путь установке.

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