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Okay so, i submitted a question earlier but it didnt really get answered right. It said on incognito challenge 2, that i would unlock a uniform, and on the focus challenge it also says theirs a uniform. NO SUCH UNIFORMS EXIST, when you browse through them, no challenges listed are like that. So is it a glitch or what.

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Re: Operation

in reply to GhostLithium

Hi GhostLithium,

Operations are random and will reset after 14 days.  If you do not wish to wait the time, you can purchase new operations with squad points.  In order to receive unlocks, you will need to complete operations in your current list.  Once you have completed an operation, you will receive the unlock for that operation.

I do remember requesting images of your current operations.  Specifically showing the operation was complete.  I recall viewing the images you provided but the operation was not complete and still had quite a bit of progress to be made at the time.

If you have fully completed the operation and have not received the unlock for that operation, please link us once again to an image showing the operation has been completed.  As well as an image of the uniform still showing as locked.

Regards ^AH

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