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Re: Skylanders Lost Islands Keeps Crashing

Activision Support

Re: Skylanders Lost Islands Keeps Crashing

Not sure if this is where I ask for help, but didn't know how to post.  Lost Islands crashed last week when logging in and when I finally got to age verification I lost all progress.  I have spent a fair bit of money and am not happy.  I was on level 22 and had about 320 gems.  I want this issue fixed as we had lots of skylanders.  My activate name is jd_33.  If this error can't be fixed, I would like a refund for all money spent on this game.  Please help as I do not want to start again!  I have tried turning iPad off and on, logging out and logging back in, and also reinstalling and updating.  Nothing works.  I used to be able to access the cloud save from the iPhone via the iPad.  Now even the iPhone has lost all progress. 

I play this on the iPhone and iPad.  iPad is version 5.1.1.  Seems I have spent $67.91.  I would prefer progress back to a refund.



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Re: Re: Skylanders Lost Islands Keeps Crashing

in reply to jd_33

Hi Justine,

We've moved your post into a separate discussion in order to address your specific issue.

Thank you for providing us with the necessary information needed if your issue needs to be forwarded for further investigation.  We're very sorry to hear you are experiencing a crash issue with Skylanders Lost Islands.

Can you please try the following steps and let us know the results:

Please follow the steps in the order listed below:

1. Un-install the app from all devices.  Re-install the app on only one device.

2. When you are prompted to log into your Activate account select No.

3. Start a new local file by selecting Play alone.  This will take you through the tutorial.

4. Once you complete the tutorial, log into your Activate account.

Post your results here.  If it does not resolve the issue, we'll have to forward the matter to the proper channels.

Thanks ^AH

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