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Retrieving the webcodes

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Retrieving the webcodes

I have lost the webcodes of 5 Skylanders, how can i retreive the codes. I don't mean the updatecode, whicht you can find in the games, managing your Skylander. I mean the real codes,which you receive when you buy a Skylander. I would like to put them in my new app "Collection Vault"

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Re: Retrieving the webcodes

in reply to Casadicas

Hi Casadicas,

Thanks for posting!  Which Skylanders game(s) do you currently have?  If you or a family member has Skylanders Swap Force, you can get the web code in-game by setting the figure on the portal.

The web codes are specific for the figures themselves and cannot be replaced if lost Activision Support .

Thanks ^AH

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Re: Retrieving the webcodes

in reply to _KidA_

That article is incorrect. You are using web code and figure code incorrectly.

The web code terminology used in Spyro's Adventure and Giants referred to transfering progress to and from Skylander's Universe, an online venue which has since closed down. The web code found in those two games are completely useless to gamers now.

The figure code can only be retrieved by using Swap Force. It's important to note that Activision used to allow this for free if you have computer access to use Universe (before it was shut down).

Please change the article to reflect the correct information.

To the OP: refer to: Skylanders Collection Vault Bug Report  for a list of figures that won't work with the Collection Vault. I'm hoping someone will see this and respond, but I'm having doubts.

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