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Sorry an unexpected error occurred when trying to log into support and link my account on advance warfare through x1

Activision Support

I have been trying to log into support for days and every time I get the unexpected error occurred message. Also, when I'm in advance warfare on xbox one and try to log into my activision account I get the same message. I can obviously log in here but that is about it. please help

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Registered: ‎19-07-2011

Hi deffit89,

What device are you using? Make sure you are using PC or laptop in accessing the site. You can try to use another web browser and clear the cache and cookies of the browser.

Kind regards.

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same problem here , activision should fix this

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bump, still affecting me

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Bump because it affects me as well. not to mention the phone support number is useless (it really is a joke when you have a game and need support for it and they can't seem to get their own web page loading right) can't call them, can't access support web page, and don't get me started with that whole "Ask an Ambassador crap (2 hour wait time plus the person asked what I needed help with then left the convo... GG me.)
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Registered: ‎04-09-2017
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