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USB portal of power not powering up

Activision Support


USB portal of power not powering up

Bought the game about a month ago and my kids got to play it for 2 weeks if not less before the portal just quit turning on.  Like stated in the title it is the "USB" version not wireless so syncing is not the issue.  I have tried it in all Xbox 360 ports on three different consoles, and it still will not light up or be recognized by the game. So I opened up a warranty ticket on my USB portal of power not powering up.... 10 days now it has been "IN PROCESS" with no emails or questions given.  Was thinking about calling them but their support number does not seem to be toll free which is nuts to me.

It is fine if they are back up but a little heads up as to what they are doing or if they need more info or what.

-Disgruntle customer

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Registered: ‎01-05-2014
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