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When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 for the Activision Activate account ?!?!?

Activision Support

When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 for t...


I have tried to contact the customer support about this... well thats the story:

I have tried to make myself an activision Activate account a week ago. Nowhere have i found a possibility on my moblie. I thought that activision has also a internet page where i can create one, since there is no possibility to make this on mobile. I have registert myself under the only activision registration possibility i found an i hoped that it will work. So i tried to log in to my account via mobile but then ERRORCODE 3000 - Emailadress or password not found! ... ok i called the customer support and the were quite polite on the phone, i talked to them and gave them all information that i have over this problem. they said they are sending me an e-mail (what they did) where the support case will be worked on and they told me that it will be managed through e-mail. I got a noreply email with not the tiniest possibilty to answer back through e-mail as they said. I have read the email and as written there i went onto the activision homepage, loged in, opend my supportcases and i answered them there. I have typed all information that i could provide into the replymassage and now i am waiting since one week on an open ticket!

I kindly ask the comunity if they have experienced something similar and i hope for help so i might somehow get an answer to my ticket. I am definately sure that if i call up the supporthotline again, they will look up on the case but i do not know if the phone call costs something and if, then how much the charge me for the call. Thus calling them every single time when i reply on their answers just to get an answer from them semms to me realy frustrating!

Thanks comunity for your reply's and help!

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Re: When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 f...

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Hello Comunity !

Important Info for everybody who would like to have an activate account!

Read in your lost islands the Help page! There is the information, that activision restricted the accsess to existing users and no new accounts can be created!

Now i am embarresed ! I should have read the help page in lost islands before i tried to make one! *blush*

Hoipe this helps everybody else who also liked to have an activate account! All newbees have togo without.

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Re: When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 f...

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My old IPad screen broke and I am currently trying to transfer all my purchases for Skylanders Battlegrounds to another IPad for my son.  My son already has more than 50 Skylanders, how do I do this?  I know before there was a "transfer save" but when I updated I could not find this link anymore.  Additionally, when I try to create an Activate account it gives it does not allow me to create one.   If i try to login to Facebook it tells me that, "Account creation is disabled for this title.  You may only login with a Facebook account that is already associated with an Activate Account."

Someone please help me with this dilemma...

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Re: When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 f...

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You are trying to merge your account right? Disregard the 'Activate account'. Surely it will give you an error because this has already expired and there is no option to activate your account anymore. Once you have passed the verification link, you are now good to go. Saw that in this post. Re: I got a weird email from a Call of Duty email address...

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Re: When does Activision fix the Error code 3000 f...

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A support case was created for you and you should be contacted shortly by a Customer Support Representative, if you haven't been already. You can view and update your case at the Activision Support website. After logging in, go to "My Support" then "My Cases".



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