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after the last update (1.9.2 IOS 5.1) some buildings are missed and i can not update

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after the last update (1.9.2 IOS 5.1) some buildin...

sorry for my poor english (german)

after the last update some buliding are missed and other bulidng worked no Longer correct. When I start the App in the Information Screen ist the Information that the app will update, but the Counter still remains by 0 % - after a few minutes the game starts with an older Version (the Infos are from june 2014). I get no more offers and new Infos.

please help me


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Re: after the last update (1.9.2 IOS 5.1) some bui...

in reply to Benno0901

Hey Benno!

We have created a support case for you to respond and update to the case please sign into  Once signed in you can select my support at the top of the page and select my cases.  ^BM

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