Belgium community LF members [HSI]

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Hi there and welcome to our community LF members post.


Just making it real easy for u and not getting in to many details the only thing u need to know before u want

to dicide to join is this.


* What we want & what we have.


- 18+ mature ( We laugh and do stupid ***** but know when to stop,dont go over the edge )

- Dont be a d ick. (Friendly peeps) not warning u 4times if ur a d ick..

- NOT required to be online every day, half the boys here have children here so I understand if u cant be here same hour online everyday.

- We dont have website or trail to do. U just fit in and we hope u will stay.

- We will do some clan wars if your interested / or just play some random games with the boys.


* What Games do we play ?


- Modern warfare 2019 ( hopefully there wil be ranked soon )

- Pubg ( Faceit in few month's )

- Apex Legends

- League of legends & TFT


* Ask for DDTIM in discord, First time u log in u dont see all channels so poke me instead !

  we do little conversation and then il give u member.

* Link to Discord :

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