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So basically being leader of old clan and not wanting to be leader again I have some tips. Hopefully others will have some too.

1st off try and only recruit clan members within your country to help having little lag. If you decide to have clan members from other countries try and have them on at same time so they can work on clan wars during your sleep hours.

2nd Don't go overboard and recruit 99 clan members as it will hurt your clan when only 15 out of 99 are on taking part in clan wars. Your clan will suffer. Recommend starting with around 12-20 and see how it goes. We learned from those mistakes and when we dropped to 12 members we did great getting into and maintaining diamond division. With the new active and inactive roster list it might void this.

3rd. Try if you can to recruit players with mics! It would be a benefit when gaming with others with mics to help with callouts. That way if you do die most likely a fellow team mate can revenge your death.

Got some more tips? Let's hear them.

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