Whats the deal with Clan XP and what is the Clan Bank used for?

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Any information would be awesome as to what the issue is with Clan XP, and what the Bank is.

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They are working to resolve the Clan XP issue. They know what the problem is but it takes time to update all the clans XP.  Bear with them and it should be resolved soon. From the sounds of it, all XP that should have been earned from playing with your teammates will still count...just has to be updated.

As for the Bank, no one really knows what that is at the moment.

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According to Beachhead the bank is "Clans will earn credits based on their performance after each war. Credits will be used for access to future special events."  That is the bank.

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Still no fix to clanxp. What is up? I never seen it take this long for them to fix this type of issue. Even when ghost was having xp issues during clan wars. They still had that fixed within a day or 2 and all clans received there points. This has been going on for a week now. Still no fix.

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Im really hoping for a fix soon.  My clan keeps randomly gaining like 50-100 xp here and there

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My clan hasn't got any clan xp at all and we have been playing together since the game came out

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Our clan received xp one time the day after day zero have not recieved any since. I'm curious to how they are going to be able to give all clans the right amount of clan points for all the wins they have gotten for each member in a lobby. Not to happy with Beachhead. Several issues other than clan xp that have not been fixed. With no answers other than we are working on it for 2 weeks. Is that really what we pay all this money for is poor service? It's getting a bit ridiculous. Never seen it take this long to resolve an issue. Hope this is not some more, don't fix it if it's not broken. Because it is broken and so far it's the poorest tech support for any Call Of Duty that has been released.

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