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From everything I read on this message board it would seem that most people either, don't know about hacking, dont believe it is real or just don't like to talk about it. If you go to google and put in Advanced Warfare aimbot or wall hack or esp it would seem that Advanced Warfare is hacked. There are a lot of people selling hacks for this game for it not to be hacked yet as some keep trying to say. I have found quite a few youtube videos that people have posted of hackers they found in lobbies they were in. Someone just put up a thread that they got in a hacked lobby and all their stats got jacked up so is Advanced Warfare on PS4 and Xbox1 hacked yet or not. I just wish they could do something to stop hackers. I don't understand why people want to hack a video game. I have racked my brain trying to figure out why and the only thing I can come up with is that people so desperately want to be good at something yet are to lazy to put in the time to get better. I know I found a person with some kind of aim hack in black ops2 by accident. I was in a game and this one player who  just kept killing me so fast. We would both come around a corner and start shooting and his aim was so good, a little too good. When I went into theater I was shocked to find that he was using some kind of hack. It was like sticky aim. When he would ads it would lock on to the target in his vision cone. The thing that made it so obvious is the fact that when the person he was shooting was dead if he didn't go out of ads real quick it would lock on to other targets, sometimes targets that were through walls and behind him wich would make his character spin around real fast. To this point I have ran into a few people on AW who have some way to perfect aim but I just mark it down to lagg, lagg comp or something but we have no way to know for sure other then the kill cam and we all know those ain't very accurate.

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BusterBrown78 wrote:

I have racked my brain trying to figure out why and the only thing I can come up with is that people so desperately want to be good at something yet are to lazy to put in the time to get better

Exactly right, most people hack/glitch/cheat because they can't be bothered to put the effort in.

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i wished  was a way  to make anti hack that  lets a player  no if thy are hacking  show what  there  using and   what  kind  of   auto hack or vac  hack   and  it    to disabale  it   like add on for   player dose not want  to get band to  help  to stop  theme hacking  to  call  of dutty   we all no hackers  are  lazzy has no skill   its all ready happing to   Bo4  i seen  it  all day   thy wood make  money  on anti  hack that stops  hacker  to  games  liike  this to mmorpg   i will all was  play COD    and   never give   up i have   there   sets to cod    next  one  be  Bo4   we need a ant-i  stop hacker   that  us   real  playes  no what there  doing    that will  stoop that  cheat  not fun    it happen   a  game  last  for 3 mints  in the  1st round   ,,, keep on fighting  guys tc ,,, BAN  HACKERS   

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I know you think you know what you see but believe me it is all in your imagination.


The absolute best thing you can do when you see something like what you have described is to use the in-game reporting function. Do not accept game invites from strangers. Of course, that's a little difficult because that's how most COD friendships begin - one player in a lobby invites another player to party up for a gaming session. Just use your better judgment on who you accept those types of invites from. However, never accept blind invites. NEVER. Also, never accept or reply to "special offers" in your in-box. None of those are legitimate offers. Think about it. Why would a console maker send you an email to your gamer tag in-box when they can just as easily force-feed you the offer when your console turns on and goes to the dash board home screen?

You mentioned both PS4 and Xbox 360 so I'm not sure which one you're on. However, if you are on XBL, you can use the dashboard menu to avoid players. I highly suggest you use that function after reporting a suspect player.

There are multiple reasons why there really isn't an elephant in the above pic. The studios, ATVI, and the console networks have done a number of things over the years to remove cheaters from the game. Unfortunately, there will always be such players to one degree or another. As things sit, it is extremely rare to actually encounter situations like you seem to have encountered. What's more, even though it ruined your gaming experience for that gaming session or that match, the fact is that such players are usually brought to a stop extremely fast through means I do not have specific knowledge nor can confirm nor deny. But I can confirm and do have knowledge that those means are thorough to a degree you cannot begin to imagine.

We only discuss this issue rarely in public within the community because 90% of hacking is done via personal interaction, not through being a super-genius programmer like in Hollywood.

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I completely disagree with the statement "As things sit, it is extremely rare to actually encounter situations like you seem to have encountered." This is patronising and not accepting the true extent of how this issue affects the game and players.

I am quite new to MW3 Multiplayer though the amount of times that I have personally experienced hackers in the game are numerous. I play on PC rather than console, perhaps there may be a difference in the number of hackers on consoles. Regardless, hackers definitely ruin such a good game. I have purchased all of the COD games excluding the latest 'Advanced Warfare' as I'm currently not prepared to part with my dollars to feel frustrated by hackers.

I hope that the developers do something about this serious issue (and also the amount of filthy abuse and trash talk from gamers to fellow gamers - this topic is probably in a different thread).

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As gotsomestars graciously pointed out, the context of this three-months-old thread were, specifically, the PS4 and XB1 - but nonetheless, consoles in general. While you may deem my view "patronizing" willfully ignorant of hacking issues, that is your opinion.

Furthermore, if you'll notice, this is the forum for Advanced Warfare. Enforcement for these games is supported only for a few years by the studios. After that, PSN / XBL take over enforcement support. MW3, for example, would be a game that is probably now enforced by PSN/XBL.

Yes, I am digressing - again, the context of the conversation was hacking/cheating on consoles.

First off, I don't recall whether or MW3 was available only through Steam. If you can connect only through Steam, then your beef is there, not with Activision.

Second of all, believe it or not, were this conversation dealing with PCs, in reality I would have agreed with you that hacking - or at least, the attempt to hack - is extremely huge on PC. But that's a different animal. I don't know why ATVI chose to use an anti-cheat service like Steam. Way back in the day you could find 1000s of YT videos showing guys using (from COD4) sniper rifles that had been reprogrammed to fire full auto as nubetoobs. You can still find such videos, just not to the same degree as the old days. The PC community, if I recall correctly, had vocalized a need for such services. Unfortunately, there's not a lot companies out there that do that kind of work. I would imagine it to be a huge, full-time job because of the inherent differences between console and PC.

All of that considered, I think the best way to get enforcement improvement on PC would be to create a thread, now and then, in the PC section stating simply ... Steam Enforcement is doing a terrible job.

That'll get attention far faster than rebutting an irrelevant, three-months-old post to a thread that deals with a similar issue in a different venue. In other words, you've come to Legoland to complain about service at Disneyland.

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Xb1 and ps4 have not been broken Yet. If you want hack free, that's where you should play. Xb1 nand has gigabytes of encryption, it will be a bit before anyone cracks it.

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If hack= ban then COD > crap.

Unfortunately,  that's not the case. I stopped buying COD games after my wife bought me Ghosts for this very reason. Buy a game - hackers ruin it - reporting does NOTHING. Why waste hard earned money on that? I came to this board to see if the problem was being dealt with. If so, I'd give COD another try. It appears no one at Stream/activision/whatever care so, buying this new installment would simply be another wasted $60. Screw that.

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