I want an advanced warfare 2

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I really want an advanced warfare 2 because I really enjoyed advanced warfare.

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Agreed. It's kinda funny, It's the only COD game that doesn't lag horribly for me, but also I really like the mechanics of the way the exo suits work. I also like how it's a much simpler game - no crazy specialist crazy character/abilities thing going on.


Would be nice for someone to put out a straight forward no nonsense fast paced arcade shooter game. Something that people could hop in and out of anytime.

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Advanced warfare 2 would be wicked.. please make it happen 

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I agree. I don’t play xbox1 hardly at all and this is the first COD game I have ever played BUT I absolutely love COD AW! What’s really impressing me is the skill of these players. They just know every move, map and weapon. I’m not ready for AW 2 yet. These guys a murdering the snot of me! I get the feeling that some take it a bit personal cause I’m camping a bit bit how am I supposed to do much at this skill level. I don’t care though in a way that’s going to stop me from playing. You only get better playing the best and I’m learning a lot from their videos and then applying it on TDM. Love this game, so addicting and a blast to play....even if I’m only averaging 10-12 kills a match. 

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