Imbalanced Sniper Rifle (Lynx)


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I'll definitely try that with the NA-45.

Update: I completed everything on the Lynx besides the bloodthirsty challenge. Hardcore makes it very simple. For bloodthirsty I'm thinking a suppressor with blind eye should do the trick!

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I understand what you mean with the Lynx. That is until you really dig into how to play with it.  I usually keep my advice to myself but I wanted to share with you some tips to the Lynx that may make your time with it nice.

I completed all camo challenges on this gun a week ago all in core TDM. It's not as impossible as you may think to beast with this gun and it's not as difficult as it my seem to beast with this gun. I completed all the camo challenges with it a week ago in core TDM so I know it's possible without Hardcore.

1st Tip: The Lynx has absolutely no recoil while prone.  Drop shooting and shooting while prone in general is an absolute must. You can literally pummel guys if you get a good spot.  I usually run a 360 Turret when I'm using this gun so I can lay into folks untouched.

2nd Tip:  If you have a steady hand you can murder people with head shots non stop and this is how:  Go to the shooting range and get into a crouch position. When you shoot, aim for the midsection and do a quick double tap of the trigger.  What you will notice is if your aim is steady and if you are aiming for the midsection you automatically bounce up to the head for a clean headshot.  


I play HC when clan wars start but I'm generally a core TDM player. When I perfected those 2 things I was destroying everyone. 

I hope it helps. Maybe you discovered these things already.

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Bloodthirsties are pretty easy just by headglitching in some spot and shooting people across the map from there. Thermal scope helps. For headshots, I've found that some maps on Havoc DLC (Sideshow for example) work pretty well, since they have so much open space and people camp on rooftops, so they're like sitting ducks.

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Have you played Black Ops 2, the Lynx is just like the SVU.

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The one body shot sniper rifle is a joke...

The damage is way to op, srly, i dont care if its a headshot, thats ok but a bodyshot and your dead? No...


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