No more one shot playlist and connection issues??

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I went out and bought BO3 on the day it came out and like a lot of other players was highly disappointed. So I decided to go on back to AW, which despite the ratings it got I think is an awesome game. But as soon as I start playing I immediately felt the same disappointment, they got rid of the one shot playlist?? This is the playlist that made me genuinely love advanced warfare and up until they got rid of it I have never dealt with connection issues. Now I can't play a game to save my life the only thing that ever loads is infected, fix your shit sledgehammer!! The one shot playlist was so unique and I'm about done dealing with all these issues this game has! Shouldn't take an hour to get enough players in a lobby to play, and you guys aren't doing anything about it it seems like!!!! Couldnt be more pissed off with this bullshit

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Hola! Solo quiero decir aqui lo que piensa mucha gente y yo personalmente, NUNCA más volveré a comprar un season pass de cualquier Call of Duty, me parece vergonzoso lo que habeis hecho con los servidores del juego en el que solo se puede jugar a un modo de juego, y eso tan solo un mes despúes de haber sacado el ultimo dlc, y todavia me parece peor que sigais vendiendo contenido descargable en la Store para este juego dando el servicio que dais.

Creo que os estais empezando a equivocar en el modelo de negocio, ya llevais tiempro priorizando el ingresar dinero a la satisfaccion del usuario final. Vosotros hicisteis un gran negocio y vosotros terminareis por estropearlo.

Un saludo y gracias.

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Slt à tous pouvez nous remettre one shot dans la playlist svp!!!!!!!!!

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