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1. Before the name 'advanced warfare' was finalized, the game had a special code-name and was often referred to as Blacksmith by the developers and teams that worked it. Why did it have the nickname blacksmith? 
well, because it was Sledgehammer games who developed it, and the link is, that, blacksmiths kinda use sledgehammers. 
Advanced warfare was the first title that sledgehammer games had full control over development, as normally its infinity ward and Treyarch that develop the call of duty games, though sledgehammer did co-develop modern warfare 3, so they weren't completely new to the franchise. But this is why advanced warfare had the nickname blacksmith. 
2. Now we all know that Jonathan Irons looks almost identical to his real-life counterpart Kevin spacey, and we can pretty much recognize him straight away, but he's not the only one to have a video-game version of himself in advanced warfare, in fact, most of the main characters in the games story mode look like their voice actors in real-life.
Not only that, but the voice actors of your two main allies, Gideon, and Cormack, share their own first or second names with the characters they play. So, both of them can quite literally play alongside themselves in advanced warfare's story campaign. 
3. Remember that huge walking tank that almost stomps on your head near the beginning of the game, and the one you get to control later on in the game in the bio lab mission, well, believe it or not, NASA is actually creating a similar one, to undergo future missions to mine asteroids.
Though It probably won't have all the bells and whistles that the one in the game has. I don't think it really needs and all that firepower on an asteroid to be honest, unless a bunch of xenomorphs decides to show up, which, I highly doubt.
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