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  • I'm just a guy who has witnessed a ton of Call of Duty. I'm trying to help anyone who is willing to learn from my years of experience.
  • I worked my butt off to make this so, I hope it gets put to good use.
  • I love this game and in return, I want to give back the best that I can offer; my knowledge of the game.
  • This is for the community of CoD who wishes to improve themselves in all facets of the game.


  • A quick history about who I am:
  • My name is Jason Bottiglio
  • I play on the XBOX ONE.
  • My Gamertag is: FLOWTTiGz
  • But I also have several alias's: Dr. Flow, FlowTTiGz, Flowttiglio, Flow, Doctor, and Jay.
  • I am considered by many to be the Bill Belichick of CoD. (Minus the Spygate and Deflated balls) lols
  • I stream @ twitch.tv/flowttiglio ... I have been on and off of my stream for the past year.
  • I create CoD montages using clips from funny movies spliced in between sweet clips of CoD ownage.
  • I am currently on my 16th episode. On my youtube the videos are named in the format of  'Call of Duty: Dr. Flow: Episode #: Title of Episode .... OR!!! You can find the links below!!!
  • If you like Call of Duty, funny movies, and a bawlin song. I really think you will enjoy my episodes!
  • The episodes get funnier and better the more recent the episode.

  • ANYWAYS!!!
  • I have been playing CoD since CoD 2 on the PC. I have been a gamebattle's try hard since CoD 4 on 360. I also run UMG's, Wagers, and Tournaments.
  • Never been to a LAN, but plan on making my presence felt real soon.
  • I'm a SnD star turned Varient player.

  • But most of all... I really enjoy helping others improve at the game no matter what your skill level!


1. STOP Sprinting!!!

  • When you spawn, Stop, look around, and expect there to be someone. Look at your map, expect the enemy to be wherever your team isn't.. STOP SPRINTING. THERE IS NO RUSH.. If you stop sprinting, you will die less and kill more. isn't that the goal?

  • When I spawn, I play with a 15 yard radius around me. Check the map. Where is the OBJ? Where is my team? Where isn't my team? I never sprint when I'm not sure I can get away with it. When you sprint, you can't shoot. When you can't shoot, you can't kill. When you can't kill, you can't win.

  • For example on Biolab Uplink, I spawn in the Biolab. Instead of tunnel visioning the OBJ, I play 15 yards around me. I play ready on my hip fire for that first kill. When it arrives, I strike, like a spider does it's prey. After that I KNOW that I'm a red dot on the enemy map, and that I'm getting called out. So while being aware of where my team is and isn't, I use common sense and instincts to be ready for the next kills.

2. Always be on the balls of your feet!!!

  • When I am on the balls of my feet, I am ready to pounce on anything. My gun is on my hip, and I pan my screen over areas of interest (where your team isn't on the map).

  • If you are always ready on the balls of your feet, you will almost always be able to combat any situation.

  • Just by following steps 1 & 2, I am constantly getting **FREE, EFFORTLESS KILLS!!** People are just sprinting right into me while I'm on the balls of my feet, ready to react.

  • I can ASSURE you that if you're dying often, it is because you are not staying true to these two main rules


  • If you want to be at least decent at the game, it is a MUST that you have GOOD GUN MECHANICS!!
  • When you are in a gun fight, it is VERY LIKELY that the enemy will BOOST or DASH in that gun fight.
  • You MUST Un-Aim, and Re-Aim, if you hope to have even a glimmer of a chance to win that gunfight.
  • If you DRAG your Aim down sight across the screen, you WILL LOSE that fight. Dragging takes too long.
  • If it isn't obvious by now, turning while on your hip fire is faster than while aimed down sight.
  • If you can't do this, then you need to hit the firing range and practice your un-aim, re-aim.
  • Because if you can't un-aim and re-aim mid gun fight, Your gonna have a bad time, mmmk?
  • Example: You see him, You aim, you fire..(mid fire, he boost dashes to dodge and kill you).. UN-AIM, RE-AIM. Kill Him.


  • Knowing when to and to not boost and dash is VERY important. Everyday I witness when someone, for no reason, is boosting and dashing, allowing the enemy to pin point an easy target.

  • Instead, only boost and dash when needed. If someone is one shot and you can pick them off by boosting above or dashing around, do it, but at your own risk. Their team mates may be ready to exchange his death for yours.

  • If you know someone is near you, and you boost up to kill them when they aren't already one shot, you are taking a risk. Because chances are he isn't deaf, and if you miss a shot, he can easily kill someone who is floating up in the air.

  • Especially if the person isn't one shot. You really don't want to jump from floor level 1, to floor level 2 to kill someone, because it gives them plenty of time to react. They have the high ground.

  • If you are experienced enough, when you hear an enemy boost towards you, you will **COUNTER BOOST/DASH** This allows you to gain back the advantage in the exchange. If you just stand still, you're a dead man. Always play the counter boost. If you have a surround sound head set, you should be able to hear every Boost and Dash.

  • It isn't wise to waste your dashes when you don't know where the enemy is or if you don't want to give your position away. Because when the poop hits the fan, your going to want the dashes to get to cover.


  • If your main goal is to not die and slay, then don't put yourself in a situation that is likely to lead to your death.

  • Unless you know that the pay out will be worth. If i kill two people every time before I die, then that is an awesome pay out.

  • When I turn and I see someone with their shoulders facing me, that means they can see me. Face it. It is already too late.

  • If they are anywhere near decent, you are dead if you challenge.

  • When you turn and you see someone facing you already, DASH/BOOST to cover. It is likely you will be one shot.

  • At least you are likely to fight another day.

  • Furthermore, there is a decent chance he gets greedy and chases. In which case, your team can trade, or you will counter dash/boost for the kill.

  • Don't be that greedy jerk that can't let a kill go. If someone is one shot and they turn a corner into an area where your team isn't, it is likely that you are being BAITED into a death trap.

  • Don't be that guy that pops right back out after getting hit one shot. Don't be that guy. Lol please, for your own sake.


  • When you get someone one shot, and they take cover around a corner, they CANNOT help but come back to contest.

  • The Psychology behind this situation MAKES HIM COME BACK TO CONTEST

  • It's funny how it works actually. When you get someone one shot, just keep aiming. They will be back. I promise.

  • 90% of the time at least, unless the person is smart, and gives you an awkward timing or just runs to stay alive.

  • If I get someone one shot in a door way, and they hide right after getting shot in that building, I know that it will take him at least 5-8 seconds to wrap to the flank to hit me from the side.

  • So the key is KNOWING that it takes 5 Seconds for him to hit my flank.

  • Why wouldn't I just keep aiming at that door for at least 4 more seconds?

  • By continuing to aim at the direct threat, the doorway, I take away the possibility of death. Then after about 4-5 seconds, it's a smart idea to consider those flanking possibilities.

  • As you continue to play, you will learn some clutch spots that you like to use, or that others like to use.

  • Remember these spots. These are the day one spots that you will find people hanging out and camping at.

  • Knowing that they are there will cause them to be caught off guard when you come in pre-aiming the spot for some easy ownage.

7. CUT OFFS!!!

  • You know that when you shoot without a silencer, it puts you on the map. It works the same for your team mates.

  • When your team mate has the OBJ or is shooting people while watching one particular direction, you are going to want to watch the CUT OFF for him. Also commonly known as his flank.

  • Like the same psychology from before, the other team can't help but challenge. When a kid sees the red dot on the map. They can't help themselves. They NEED to go kill that red dot. Lol. seriously.

  • Your friend is the Light. The Enemy is the Mosquito. And you're the electrical current.

  • Yep. You're a bug zapper.. and when you begin to play using the map and your team mates as bait, you will become much better at the game.

  • One small example: I'm camping beneath the window of school; the window closest to middle atlas. I know there is a decent chance of someone being there. I say to my team mate, "Hey, aim at the window above me.". Once he does, I shoot a bullet,  KNOWING that this now puts me on the map. The guy in school comes FLYING over to the window to get the red dot, but little does he know, my team mate is sitting behind atlas, hard scoping the window for the easiest kill of his life.

  • Now, there are a ton of other things going on during this play, and this particular situation is something I will perform when I play SnD, but I'm sure you now understand what I mean by being a Bug Zapper.

  • Also, when I am playing something like Uplink/HP/CTF, there will be one or two people aiming to just get the OBJ. There will be two to three people looking to CUT OFF the enemy from getting to the OBJ.

  • And one step further is the person or people that are cutting off the cut offs. Lol, a little confusing maybe but that is how it is.

  • So when your sitting there as the slayer, giving your OBJ cover, there will be someone most likely coming around flanks, cutting you off your cut off from the side or behind you.

  • That's kind of more next level stuff that people seem to struggle grasping.

8. BE AWARE!!!

  • This one is pretty easy lol.

  • You need to become one with your map. Knowing where the enemy is and where your team is, is very important, obviously.

  • Especially if you are playing Ranked/GB/UMG or anything that is 4v4 Varient.

  • It is VERY important to know how many are alive at any given moment. This gives you an idea of what you may be capable of, or what you may be facing at that moment.

  • WAY too many times, I have seen an OBJ player pulling the flag on CTF when the enemy team has 4 alive. Also, who knows where they are set up? Most likely in positions to counter that pull. Then that OBJ is dead, and we are now man down or even worse, giving the other team an opportunity to make a play.

  • WATCH THE KILL FEED. If you see 2+ people just died and you are by the OBJ, pull it with the knowledge that there are still 2 alive, and 2 more will be coming back in about 3 seconds.

  • When they do spawn back, it is likely that they will be able to beat you back to your spawn at some point on your run back to capture the flag.

  • This is when NOT SPRINTING, and BEING ON THE BALLS OF YOUR FEET really comes into play.

  • Always be ready for anything.


  • Right when you think your good, a team rolls in and puts you on your behind.

  • If you turn on someone, it's because they choked they're kill. Granted you made a good play to turn on them. But more than likely, he missed his shot or punch, ran out of ammo, was loud as hell, etc. Like I said, good job.. you turned on that person, but it's less a good play by you, and more a BAD play by him.

  • This is a specific example, but If you are in an extended gun fight, you win that fight after say.. 20 bullets. It's fine to be like, "YES" lol, because you are happy you won, but don't for a second let that fill your head with thoughts of that other kid sucking, because you stink just as bad for missing 20 shots.

  • It is very important that you understand what you did wrong. Say, "wow I got lucky, I need to get my aim on"....... Don't say.... "YEAH! YOU STINK KID!"

  • About two weeks ago I beat the ranked one team on UMG TL with a kid that just got the game. He let that get to his head. He was going around telling everyone what he had done like it's some great accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, it felt good to win that, but he now thinks that he is good because he beat the ranked 1 team. When the truth is, he is new as hell, and I'm telling you, its painful to watch him play. LOL

  • He is unwilling to learn these basic fundamentals, because he "doesn't need to", he beat the ranked 1 team.

  • Okay, anyways. Be Humble. Don't be a jerk.

  • Know that there is always more to learn.

  • You're not good, and I'm not good. So unless you are making money doing this. Please. There is always something more to improve on.

10. DON'T CRY!!!

  • There is nothing more annoying than someone that screams, cries, and complains.
  • When you die, UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DIED. Instead of saying, "WOW HE WOULD BE THERE?!", say, "Crap, I need to check that corner next time"
  • Instead of saying, "WOW HE WOULD BE USING THAT GUN?!", say, "Shoot, I need to not be sprinting there"
  • Instead of saying, "WOW MY TEAM STINKS?!", just shut up and carry your team.


  • If you die, you make the call out, and that is it.
  • If you are raging when you die in a competitive match, then I have ZERO respect.
  • People that rage are clearly too immature and are not ready to play at a competitive level.
  • I do understand. I've had rough games, and I might blurt out a quick slur when I die, but NEVER do I let myself rage.
  • The second you start raging, you already lost.
  • You are dragging your team down with your terrible attitude.
  • You are suppose to help carry your team, NOT drag it down.
  • If it's a tough call out, you need to make a nice description, short and sweet, of where the enemy is located.
  • Random example: "He's by A bomb right next to those green boxes"
  • If someone is trying to clutch, just shut up and let them do what they do. Unless it's a clutch call out then minimizing chatter during a clutch moment is crucial.
  • The person clutching NEEDS to be able to sound whore.
  • If it's a 1v3 or a 1v4. Seriously, just shut up. That person needs to play the 15 yards around him.He doesn't need to know about the one guy that is cross map in some random spot.You think hes still going to be in that random spot by the end of me trying to clutch this 1v4? Exactly.
  • Just relax and do you. Focus on being a fundamentally sound player.
  • If you play a sound game, it will trickle over to your team mates.
  • Worry more about yourself, and what you need to do to carry your team.
  • Don't worry about your team mates score.
  • Don't say, "Cmon, pick it up" or "you need to get more kills". That only promotes a negative atmosphere.
  • Remind them of who they are, and what they are capable of. "I know you man, you got a big round coming up"
  • If you are going to win, someone needs to carry. If you lose, NO ONE CARRIED.
  • The Stat bar can be very misleading.
  • If you dropped 40 kills and still lost, don't blame anyone but yourself because you didn't play a perfect game either.
  • I see kids drop 14 kills in a game of SnD, but had NO clutches
  • It comes down to how many clutches you have, not just kills.
  • There were moments in that game where you made a mistake that caused a bad play.
  • How can you lose a mistake free game? You can't.
  • It's always best to play stress free and have fun. Remember, at the end of the day, it's just a game.
  • You are most likely playing for free, so don't get hung up on a free ladder.
  • Just learn from your mistakes, and don't make them again.

**Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post everyone!!!**

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good post here are a few additional tips

you forgot to mention.... ROTATE. Rotating to the next hardpoint is so utterly important it amazes me that so many dont do it. The way I work it out is if its 30 seconds left and you just died you can A: go back and try to retake it or B: go to the next one. What decides that for me is whether or not we own the hardpoint. If we have 20 seconds left on the timer and the enemy team owns it, there is no point to fighting over it because by the time you claim it youll have at best 10 seconds on it. and by killing them on the hardpoint you give them the best spawn and chance to gain a good foothold on the next objective. Its a wiser choice to head to the next one and try to secure it.

If your team is losing and unable to ultimately hold a hardpoint, then gaining those initial points can still be enough to win it. But your entire team would need to rotate well and contest when you cant control it. but to have any chance of winning you must move early. I hate it when I call out a rotation and find myself at the next hardpoint 1 v 4 because 3 of my team wanted the last 5 seconds. so now we just gave them 30-40 seconds on the hardpoint that which even if we took we wouldnt be able to hold, and would be forced to try because we need the points thus giving the other team the chance to once again secure the other hardpoint. >.>

In other words ROTATE!

for SND Ranked tips, when defending the best time to try to defuse while the enemy is still alive is around 20-30 seconds. If its below 20 seconds then they are likely to check the bomb before it you can fully defuse. I tend to check the bomb every 7 seconds when on offense. In most situations they will not try to immediatly ninja defuse because while that can work its unreliable. so more often then not they will try to find you. If it has 17 or less seconds DO NOT TRY TO NINJA. nearly every time someone will check the bomb between now and the final point it can be defused. Reason being is if they check at 14 seconds, you would be 3 seconds in to your defuse, plenty of time to either kill you or make you atleast stop defusing. Now they know you have till atleast 8 seconds to start your defuse. so they can run away for 5 seconds and then return when there is no possible chance for a defuse and kill you before you can finish. If the timer is below 25 seconds, for me atleast I try to hunt down the living players as fast as I can.

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Good stuff man. very good points. Going to revise it and add that stuff when I get a chance. I'm on the 360 until the end of the month, then switching to the one if ur down to run

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dont have internet right now (could play through my phone but im avoiding that) but add me anyways and send me a message (so i can add u too) and we will definitely play when I have interebs again

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Some additional tips:

-Weapon choice. More so then perks or attachments is the weapon itself. I tend to cycle through 3 different weapons per game. The thing is what gun is perfect for this game goes beyond map and gamemode. It includes the people you are playing. Same map, same game mode, different people equals a different outcome. A speakeasy is not the same weapon as a normal ASM1. Kick pattern, damage, bullet spread, ROF. These are the things I am looking for. If I decide I need an automatic weapon I dont just go with any. It depends as much on how the enemy team is reacting and playing as it does the map and game mode. Some games the BAL is the right weapon, other times its the AK. It shifts from game to game. Sure you can still do well, but odds are there is a better choice now as opposed to last game. so if you find yourself struggling try to change your weapon up.

-Patterns. Knowing the maps and how they work is great and gun skills are great too. But the ultimate skill is Game flow knowledge. It involves a ton of different skills to pull off right. Game flow is about how your enemy is acting and how they will act based off of how they have been thus far. In most of my BO 2 League play games in CTF I knew where you spawned and when. I knew this based off of my teammates spread and my current location and when you were killed. And because of this I now know the most likely route you will take trying to cut off the flag guy/get to our flag.

Everyone has a pattern to their gameplay. No one is completely random. They like SMG's and rushing, they camp back and snipe rushers, They camp corners in their spawn, they flank rush, They assault the hardpoint from every direction. Understand this pattern and you will dominate. When I watch all the gameplays on my YT channel, I realize why I have so few views and subs. The videos suck. atleast at the start they do. A good portion of the time I do poorly for the first parts of the game, but I usually more then make up for that in the second half because while I am getting owned, I am still paying attention and learning. By round 4 of SnD I have you and your team figured out and have a number of ideas on how to counter.

-anticipate. Being ready for something such as an enemy being behind you, gives you a far better chance of winning. You react faster and better. For example: I heard a guy walking upto a doorway. I could gun him down but I opted for a more subtle punch. I was able decide this and punch him within the 1 second I had from the time I noticed him to when he came in and I punched him (literally 1 second). Had he come through without me having noticed I likely still would have killed him but the delayed reaction on my part would give them the chance to punch me or shoot. But because I was ready for it his chances of winning were 0.  And as I watch my BO 2 league play games I notice that alot of the times I was killing players because I was anticipating something to happen and as such reacted a bit faster then I would have otherwise.

-Seek cover: Again as I watch these gameplays I am amazed as to what I did back then that I no longer do. I see what made me a top player of BO 2. The moment any gunfire comes my way or is around me and I dont know about it I duck or prone until I can establish where it is coming from. And the smarter player always makes themselves less of a target. I see tons and tons of gunfights I win because of good use of cover. In AW we are pushed more to abandon cover and fight in the open because cover can now be easily circumvented. Cover wins battles.

-Create a Perimeter. In hardpoint it is better to have only one person on the HP and the rest of your team outside of it defending it. Reason being is its easier to fight them out there then to watch all the entrances. If you can kill them before they even get in there then they have to respawn and run back. Now if they kill you, atleast you have a chance to start running back before they make it to the hardpoint. In SnD this should be done for the bomb defuse/plant guy. In Uplink you want to form a protective barrier between the ball carrier and the enemy team. if your running up on the goal and they kill you the ball guy has his chance to score. If they go for the ball guy you can kill them and pick up the ball and then score.

-Pass the ball. Your team can decimate even the tough opponents if they use teamwork in Uplink. passing the ball is one of the greatest advantages you have. Get an enemy near their goal and either throw or pass the ball to them for an easier score.

and I dont know if its up there like this. But never trash talk your own team. We had a game of SnD where it was 2 of my friends and one random dude. The enemy team was utter garbage. But we had a rough start. And because of this our teams random started in on us. Saying how bad we were and blaming everything on us. It pissed the rest of us off we said ya know what the other team can have this win, YOU deserve to lose. Instead encourage the your team. If they are upset at a death play it off as unimportant. Tell them to not worry about it and to keep at it.

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good ish man... Lol kids that rage at their own team make me laugh.. Ive been there too tho man, ive done it myself.. like.. Cmon guys do better.. but that helps NO ONE lol. yeah so once again good points by you.. appreciate the time you've taken to write this.. my gamer tag is Flowttigz ... on the 360 atm.. getting the ONE by the end of the month.... also my youtube if you haven't seen. got some funny ownage videos.

the link below man.. knowing what I know about who you are thus far.. I know you will enjoy it.. I've got 12 episodes out.. that one is one of my favorites.

Call of Duty: Dr. Flow: Episode 8: "Fucking Camper?!" - YouTube

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I sent you a private message on these forums and I subbed to your channel

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I think - but can't prove - everyone rages to some degree. When it becomes stupid rage, time to take a break and set the controller down for a while.

"At the end of the match, there remains only ... nuttin 2 say."
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very true dude. Your playing to have fun in the first place. Go take a nap if your raging. lols

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FLOWTTiGz wrote:

very true dude. Your playing to have fun in the first place. Go take a nap if your raging. lols

If I am raging I grab a beer and turn off my mic.  Couple matches and it calms me down.

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