Why cant i get the stg, svo, or blunderbuss. This is going to make me wit your game. I have pedigreed almost 3 times since there release and still nothing.

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I would say the only thing wrong with them was it was too easy after 1st prestige.  You had plenty of points to do whatever and there was no work involved anymore.  They really held no meaning after 1st prestige.

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Just curious, what was wrong with squad points?

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I may not agree with the supply drop system and how it is implemented , but if someone chooses to purchase supply drops that is their choice and while you may not agree with it , it does not make that person ignorant.

As far as squad points I don't remember hating them and I'm pretty sure while some people did it wasn't everyone .

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Yeah since the release of the new guns I only get one item per supply drop - usually gloves) and have no elite items for nearly 2 months since I GM Prestiged. I got the Blunderbus from a purchased ASD thinking I might get the SVO or STG. Have got the Blunderbus to diamond and although I had a laugh annoying ASM1 users with it I doubt I will get the other 2 from regular supply drops. Still waiting for the trade in system....

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gotsomestars wrote:

Still nothing for me.. not just as far as the new weapons... but... nothing at all.

Lots of knee pads and Nigerian police gear.

I will never play another cod that uses this system.

It took me forever to get the blunderbuss, but when I did I got a second within 5 supply drops. I picked up the STG Vampire about 5 days ago, and really enjoy it.

I will agree that this is the worst way to deploy new guns. Knee pads and clown masks, fine! But things that make a difference, it should never happen. At lease open the base variants to everyone.

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The additional issue with this is that Sledgehammer will add in another 3 weapons next Tuesday if you look at their website or Twitter:

AK-47, M16 and CEL-3. The AK-47 and M16 have 5 supply drop versions of them each so getting one is as likely as getting an STG-44 or SVO. The CEL-3 only has 2 supply drop versions so be prepared to get that weapon after BO3 releases. The 11 weapons that do not have Royalty versions will get a Royalty edition of them at the same time that increased their range such as the AE4, XMG and RW1 which means that there is now going to be 451 weapons in the weapon loot pool. You're more likely to get a royalty weapon than one of the supply drop unlock weapons.

Let's just hope that supply credits show up then and that we get these weapons ASAP. The fact that standard supply drops now have to dispense at least 2 items makes it a little easier to get a certain weapon as we no longer get those 1 item care package drops.

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