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nicedrewishfela wrote:

And Naw,

Michael Condrey has also confirmed that the markings on the Advanced Warfare controller doesn’t reveal anything about the Co-Op mode of Advanced Warfare.

“There’s nothing on the controller that tells you anything about it.”

well there goes that theory then...

wonder why Vahn went to SF the other day,......    (cos i like to give people tinfoil for hats)

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Re: Zombies in AW?

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So if MP failed and no zombies ... R.I.P CoD in this year (again) ....

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Re: Zombies in AW?

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Or you could not put your head in that noose until some info is released about the Co-Op mode. You might like it.

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Re: Zombies in AW?

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Re: Zombies in AW?

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   IMO it has to be round based with hoardes of something coming at you, mutants perhaps?Infinity Ward actually didn't do that bad with extinction because there was actually a way to beat each map. Yes, I know Black Op's II had a few maps you could survive, but it wasn't clear cut.  I know I had to use Youtube several times to figure out how to survive, whereas in Extinction it was "after you pass this area, go onto the next".

   Another great thing Extinction had was the teeth in it and the armory unlocks it gave it good replay value to try and play again to unlock the next thing. I have a feeling this unlock system will be brought back into the co-op mode, as well as, campaign because of the hints SH has already dropped such as you'll unlock new exo-abilities and will want to try them out on previously completed missions, giving campaign a replay value like never before (More of a paraphrase then a direct qoute, but the interview was done around the campaign reveal and should be easy to find if you want to see it lol I know you guys hate quotes and facts without sources)

P.S. I loved Extinction and Zombies equally, but I'm excited to see what SH comes up with and hope they do something new.

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