No Games Found in Multiplayer

Advanced Warfare PC


I purchased this game a year ago on sale through Steam. I purchased it along with Black Ops II. I played Black Ops multiplayer first seeing it was the oldest game of the 2, got through to master prestige and decided to fire up Advanced Warfare. I know multiplayer worked because I tried it when I first purchased it. Now when trying to find a game in any lobby, I get the message saying there are "no games". I have deleted DLC packs, I have rebooted steam. I have deleted and re-downloaded/installed the game, I have configured my PC to have open NAT. I can't get into any online mulitplayer. 


I asked Steam to refund me for Steam Store Credit to purchase a newer version of COD and they denied the request. I had 66 minutes of gameplay, but half of those were just trying to get into a game. But the game is over a year old. I am stuck with a game that won't let me play. I have read there their matchmaking system is the problem, however, I have been a long time COD fan and never had an issue finding a game; on PC or console. I am going to "appeal" Steams denied request and explain to them a little further the problem, but I doubt it will go anywhere. 


I am posting here to see if anyone has found a working solution to finding multiplayer games. Thanks

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i was just talking to support about this problem as i have been trying to find a match since 3 days ago and found literally 0 games, the guy simply said that the population of the game on pc is low as at the time there were 186 players online. end of story is that the game is basically almost dead, i played it for a total of maybe 30 mins lol. what a shame

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