Advanced Warfare worst COD ever! Reasons why

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 3

Who jumps around in a real war?

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Please stop with the "real" rubbish. Cod has never been real. "Jumping" is no more fake than pulling a sentry gun out of thin air. This argument is not valid.

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or even sprinting around like a track star with a riot shield or full ghillie suit on.  Very basic point but these are bulky items that slow down movement - ever wondered why it is basically snipers who wear ghillies irl? 

CoD sniping is also obviously not 'real' as it is basically point and shoot and does not account for movement......shooting someone from 10 feet away would stop them 99% so they wouldn't be able to knife you........and on, and on, and on.

It's a game, not real, so all that is needed is familiarity.  The guns and equipment are like real weapons, etc so you feel a connection to 'real' combat.  This applies even to futuristic combat - there is the potential for jetpacking around a combat area irl in the future (but yes, real soldiers probably won't jump around like loons, taking sniper shots hovering 100 feet over the area); and exoskeletons are being pioneered now for all sorts of situations. the original say you don't want to jump around in CoD (and players who do should play Titanfall [only if they have an Xbox of course] or Destiny) - why did you buy it?  The exo-abiities were the largest part of this game and very obvious in how they would affect gameplay.  Are you aggrieved that you can't hole up in one part of a huge map (as in your beloved Ghosts [Stonehaven anyone]) and pick off your 'long-range' kills to keep up your precious k/d?

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Oh, so THAT's where Sentry Guns come from...out of the AIR!   THANK YOU!

I Totally misunderstood where somebody else said it was pulled from a while back.

"AIR"...perfect sense.  The other one made it a little too "real" anyway so...


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I will agree with two of your points, spawns are horrible and lag. Every game since this past Friday I have started to press my select button to see how much time the game has wasted at the start of every game and it is from 15sec.-30 sec. Every game start not to mention if I die 6-7 times almost 2 min of game play is gone.

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Has any one actually STARTED A GAME YET?

i have not been at the beginning of a single game yet ALWAYS 2 plus points on the board

scorestreaks vanishing maybe that people havent twigged that SS are now upgradeable - you can kill SS in oppo team now with  a UAV with score streak wiping abilities.

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its not the worst cod ever imo, still better than ghosts right now and can see it getting better once some things get fixed. but its not as good as all these youtubers are saying. what happens next cod bo3, back to normal cod or is exo going to be a new thing?

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I would have to agree with the original poster that thus far AW is the worst CoD that I have played. Lag is a tremendous issue, and overall it feels exactly like black ops 2 (which I wasn't too particularly fond of) with a jumping feature. The maps are garbage, either way too small where you turn a corner and run into 4 opponents or so large that you get sniped from clear across the map. There is no true medium map for runners to excel in. I also do not like the spawning in this game. Taking 3 steps and watching the player who killed you spawned right after you is frustrating. I hold a 2.4+ K/D in every other CoD but am struggling to maintain a 1.5 on AW. 1v1 if you suspect camping. OR1G1N92 is my ID

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To all the people complaining about the Exo movement... did you not know the game was going to have Exo suits when you bought it? Like seriously.

Although I do agree that the lag is terrible and Triple kills are impossible it really sounds like your just whining about the fact that you're not as good at this game as on previous CoD's.

I know there's times where the lag gets so bad it makes me hate the game lol, but overall I think it's pretty good and will get better. Just give it a month and see if it gets any better.

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From the amount of players and negative posts i see about the issues with this game plain and simple = IT SUCKS!! I am not whining or not mad about not being as good at this game as previous CODS. Im stating a fact that no one is going to be good at this game. It is near impossible to get anything in the game. Scorestreaks are hard and accuracy is bad. No other COD has had this many issues at the start of a game. This is not the future of this game this was a test and its a FAIL. Go look at the forums i have never seen so many bad posts and comments about 1 COD ever. Youtubers are not even posting vids of multiplayer because the game SUCKS. And they are not even good at this game thats why no vids are being posted. I dont suck at this game either im still posting a barely 2.00 KD and thats way higher than i have seen from alot of so called good players.

Enough of the fan boys saying this game is good and they like it you probably work for Activision and Sledgehammer games to boost sales on the crap game. FACTS!!

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