Advanced Warfare worst COD ever! Reasons why

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 3

I'll tell you what's NOT fact is you saying that youtubers aren't posting videos of MP. Do you not remember when Ghosts came out, almost every single post in the forums was about it being "The worst CoD yet" or "Worst game ever" etc.

I'm pretty sure there's some people that are good at the game, maybe it's just not you. Also you don't have to have a 2.50KD or higher to enjoy the game, 2.0 is pretty solid... just sayin.

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Here are my opinions

  • Small Maps - The maps are just fine.  Larger maps, like in COD Ghosts, were a detriment to the game's fast paced nature.  In addition, it meant more spots for people to hide in.
  • Guns having no recoil - There are weapons that do have recoil.  Even if some have very low recoil, you still have apply your skill in using it effectively. 
  • Hackers - Wait...since when was aim assist a form of hacking?  If you're dealing with hackers on the last gen platform, then it's best to play on current gen since it's newer and more secure compared to the outdated hardware.  Lastly, how do you honestly know someone is hacking?  Do you have evidence to provide or are you just making assumptions?
  • Spawns - There will always be some instances where people spawn too close, especially in FFA most of all.  However, they're really not that bad in the long-run.  Trust me--previous games had worse spawns.
  • Streaks - The only time they get spammed is in Domination.  Even so, I still manage to fix the spamming issue.  How?  It's called using a Stinger M7.
  • No Leaderboards - The reason why there are no lobby leaderboards and view-able in-game combat records is to reduce the amount of toxic behavior.  Believe it or not, having easy to access stats in-game meant that people would trash talk about your K/D.  Not only that, but people would "lobby surf" by checking K/D ratios.  If they were low, people stay.  If they were high, they would back out until they find noobiest lobby.
  • Connection issues - If you ask me, the current gen versions (Xbox One, PS4) are fantastic in terms of connection.  Host migrations are also nearly extinct as it rarely ever happens.  Plus, believe it or not, dedicated servers kick in quite often, which probably explains the low host migrations.  If your game is laggy, it's either due to your internet connection or the outdated hardware that you play on (PS3).
  • Exo Abilities - Jumping around makes the game very fast paced.  If people have issues hitting a moving target that's in mid-air or while you're in mid-air, then that's a personal issue.  Also, if you're playing a game and people camp a lot, that's to be expected.  It's been like that since 2005 (when I played Halo 2).

Overall, I thought AW was a fantastic game and currently the best multiplayer ever made due to the fast pace and balance of MP.  It was a little bumpy at launch, but the issues were fixed very quickly.  If you really want to talk about a REALLY bad Call of Duty online multiplayer experience, go play MW2 and MW3.  Those games were atrocious.


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I have to say that I agree with everything you've said....

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Personally, I think larger maps are actually good for the game (if MW2 was any indication). I think the problem lies more in the fact that, after MW2, maps just kept getting smaller and smaller until it ultimately culminated into pretty much every map in BO2 being overly simplistic and overly tiny three lane maps (even the largest maps were only borderline medium compared to MW2 and Ghosts) and practically anyone could run around, spraying SMGs from the hip and do well. People just got way too used to and/or spoiled by it so when Ghosts came around, they're suddenly finding themselves in what feels like a brand new, unrecognizable situation with larger maps.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there should be no small maps. I believe that should be some of every size - small, medium, and large - and that's something I liked about Ghosts; the map variety. It forced people to adapt to different play styles and loadouts rather than thinking they can just stick to one loadout and play style a vast majority of the time and dominate with it like they could in BO2. On larger maps like Stonehaven, weapons like LMGs and sniper rifles, and more patient play styles shine more often as opposed to trying to run and gun with SMGs and shotguns whereas smaller maps like FreeFall or Strikezone is more fast-paced, and SMGs and shotguns shine and larger, slower weapons like LMGs and sniper rifles don't have much room.

There's also the fact that, from my experience (both doing AND fighting against), smaller, more simplistic maps are actually easier and more effective to camp in than larger, more complex maps.

On smaller and simpler maps, enemies will be in your sites far more often because there were usually far fewer ways for people to get around, so campers, unless they're really and truly just that bad, will still be able to get a somewhat decent score that can help their team win. It also makes outflanking them more difficult because, again, there's not many ways to get at them where they won't see you coming and they can usually easily trap their flanks to alert them of your approach and be aimed at where you'll come from by the time you get there. Spawns are also affected much worse on such maps because, being so small, people on both teams can easily be everywhere at once, so there will rarely be any safe spawn point, resulting in people constantly being spawned right next to enemies and getting killed.

On larger and more complex maps, campers can be much more easily stranded in a section of the map, just sitting there waiting for the off-chance of someone wandering into their area which will all but subtract a team member(s) from the enemy team and what few kills they may get will have virtually no bearing on the match. If one does want to go after them, there will usually be multiple pathways that can be taken to get to them.

Basically, I feel there needs to be a balance, and Ghosts had that balance in terms of maps and streaks (AW has decent streak balance overall too).

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     From what i have read the thing is that you don't seem that good at the game. It seems that you spend way to much time complaining about what ever person does in thus game.Yes when people camp it's annoying but that's just how they get kills because they aren't that good at the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The exo abilities aren't that bad in my opinion and i think the reason why people complain about it is because they just can't get use to it. To the whole " Guns have no recoil" thing some guns do have recoil but some have less than others not just in this game but in other Call of Duty games as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Also this isn't the only game where you are able to kill people at long ranges like in BO2 I was killing people at long ranges with the MSMC. So as OpTic Scumpii once said "stop complaining and just get good at the game kid"       

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I think I can kill u all with a hand in ma balls

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