Disc Read Error "imagefile38" on PS3 any fixes?

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 3

Disc Read Error "imagefile38" on PS3 any fixes?

Hi guys Ive had this problem since the new western gun came out on advanced warfare. Is ps3 supposed to get that new update on AW? So every time I want to play multiplayer my game crashes and freezes sometimes it even unfreezes but then it crashes. When that happens i get the message Disc Read Error "imagefile38". Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game but that didnt help. The disc itself has 2 scratches but the disc worked fine even with them. Ive also tried to restore the file system, again that didnt work.Other games like GTA V, Battlefield, Minecraft and Fifa work btw.

Thanks for your time have a Good One!

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Re: Disc Read Error "imagefile38" on PS3 any fixes...

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i would like to know the answer to this also. ive searched all of the internet for what it means and i can not find anything! i believe now it to be a fake error that the developers use to get rid of the players on older gen consoles. i hope im wrong but why is there no info on this or any of the disc read errors (imagefile 40,41 ect..) for this game? any other game i have ever played on ps3 i could google the error code that came up and find out what the error code meant and even how to fix. but not this one. all the info the developers have given is ,... the problems with the game are know and we are working hard at fixing them. blah...blah...blah... after 3 or 4, how ever many patches to this game and it has still not been fixed i am starting to believe they are not errors at all. but purposely coded into the game to get fans to upgrade to the next gen consoles. what they are doing is destroying a entire franchise. i will not be buying or playing BO3 until these issues with AW are fixed on the PS3 i suggest you do the same. my console has been frozen so many times by this game that it has to be doing damage to it. i feel SHG and there partners owe me a new console for the harm they have caused. you dont have to believe what im saying, i have no proof. but something isn't right about how they are handling this situation.

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