Game Freezing after match

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 3

Why is the game freezing after every match I have to reset my system after every game and I am losing the points I have gained..

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Same here. I thought the patch was supposed to fix it, but I either haven't got the patch update, or it's definitely not fix. I never had the glitch where I got stuck in spectator mode, but this freezing this is even worse! I've had 3 of my best games to date on AW freeze at the end where I not only lost a ton of xp, but also a supply drop...I still haven't been able to finish a game and open that supply drop.

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Hello greyghost_13,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the game. Are you playing on a wired connection? When did this start occurring? Are you playing on a digital or physical copy of the game? Also, Are you experiencing this issue in a certain game mode / map or at random?


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I have the hard disc and I have been watching this very close and it appears to me that when some of the jerks in this game that have to cheat and use glitches to win--- every time that happens I freeze at the end of the game if there is no glitches I dont freeze. Also I am hard wired The glitches need fixed or the cheaters need to be banned.. I feel that someone from activision needs to monitor the utube posts on how to do this and burn the trash making the videos and also the ones using them... Just my thoughts thanks for replying bro

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The freezing problems I was having (pretty much all the scenarios everyone else has had) stopped for me after the last patch (1.04 I believe).  I also turned OFF Paintball mode so that may have helped as well.  I read there were possibly some problems with the coding for that particular option that may have been messing with it.  Just thought I would share that since downloading the patch and shutting off Paintball mode I haven't had a single freeze or lag issue.  That's approximately 50 matches now on a wireless connection, physical copy, all game modes.

Thanks for your efforts.

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I also use paintball mode I will disable it tonight to see if that is the issue Thank you everyone for your advice I really appreciate it..

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I think this might just be it I turned off the paintball effect and I did not freeze at all in 30+ games... Thanks for the input bro much appreciated

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I'm playing on a digital copy from PSN.  I have reset my ps3, re-installed the game, and opened every required port.  I play on a wired connection.  I just randomly freeze and have to hard reset.  9 times out of 10 it's during the pre-game lobby countdown.  I can still see my character shift, and the music continues, but my controls are locked and the timer is stopped.  When this happens I have to turn my ps3 off and then back on.  Is this occurring with the disc copy?  I've spoken with playstation support several times and they said if I wish they will issue a refund.  I prefer the digital copy, especially considering I may buy a ps4 (free upgrade to next gen console).  That said, if the disc copy isn't having this issue, I will take the refund and buy the disc. 

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yeah Guys me too, I'm playing digital and My PS3 still freezes here and there during the end game intermission lobby,

and Its easily the best cod i've ever played and the most fun i had since MW2, but they really need to fix the Freezing if it's even still possible to fix,

I hope SHG updates and fixes it

But COD AW is my fave cod yet

I don't know how they are going to beat the idea of exo-movement, in the franchise Cod is sooo much fun.

its like gears of war roll but better

and Halo thruster-pack but a whole ton better

exo is so useful

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