PS3 Freezes & Errors

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So almost 2 months since release, PS3 has received 2 updates, but the game continues to freeze my console at least once an hour & I still get the 4704 error about exceeding image assets. Will these issues every be addressed?

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Have you attempted to re-install your game? Are you freezing during MP games? The MP freezes are known. The developers are working hard to resolve the freezing issues. The recent update was to address connectivity and DLC problems. Patch notes here, CALL OF DUTY: ADVANCED WARFARE PLAYSTATION 3 UPDATES [1/7/15]

We understand the frustrations that arise with the continued freezing and we ask that you please be patient as we wait for more updates to come down the line.



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Understand the need to make more money on things like special exo , camouflage , flags , etc ...But please have the teams stop with developing more things to buy and team with more people focusing on the freezing issue . Older games like Ghost , black ops 2 , etc ate not having this problem.  Maybe it's time to go back and look at the older applications and software implementation. Thank you for your time and yes we are trying to be patient but this is crazy !!!

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"The developers are working hard to resolve the freezing issues."  Lol... sure they are. That's why the freezing/booting issues seem to be getting worse and more frequent then they have ever been. Keep up the good work fellas.

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