Advanced warfare xbox one cant find matches

Advanced Warfare Xbox 360

I have 3 of dlc packs for Advanced warfare. Anytime I try to find a match it tells me none are available. If I unintelligible the dlc packs I can connect no problem. Surely if I only buy some of the dlc there must be servers up that only have those maps on rotation. I think Activision need to fix this because this is not an isolated problem. This happens on black ops 1-3 and also happens the the mw series. I'd like to hear if anyone else has the same issue with any other games in the franchise.

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This is caused by a couple if things; 


1. Nat type. Google about this. Should be open. 

2.If you purchased or received all the DLC maps, and they, not the standard once. you won't find games, at all. ( Your problem might be here) Unistall the DLC packs and you might find games. 

3.Check your internet, connection and speed.

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