Enemies see me first?

Advanced Warfare Xbox One

Hello everyone! I have been playing COD for years now, and I've always been pretty decent. However, I am experiencing something very weird. My connection is wired (directly no users on net) 50/50 with 5 ping (speedtest) with xbox in DMZ. I don't get lag in the traditional sense of freezing/teleporting, but I do have an issue with players seeing me first?? For example, sometimes I will run into a player head on and he will be able to ADS, shoot me and kill me before I can even start HIP FIRING my BAL... I mean forget having a chance to ADS myself and have a gunfight, but I can't even hipfire before he aims and kills me...I also experience things like dying in very few bullets!!! This happens in about 40% of my matches. Some matches I'm a god, and I can just abuse kids all day. In others, I'm trash... Please help me understand this intermittent issue! I would be very thankful. Good day!

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its not you, there putting you in servers that your probly a sec behind everyone else, just back out and try another lobby if you find a good lobby stay in it.  this recent update i find it hard to fine a good lobby like i said just back out and find another one its sucks, hopefully next update is better   

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more like they need to start fixing these connection issues every other patch

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its the listening servers they use instead of dedicated servers. they program a LAG COMPENSATION into the servers so in your instance the other player is literally seeing you first. And your just screwed right out of the gate. We will never get better lobbies until we force activision to give COD dedicated servers.

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i agree with you even battlefield lets players run their own server if they feel they cant get a good public one... its time lag comp and and P2P multiplayer disappeared

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That's about the silliest statement I've read today. Do you think battlefield doesn't use "lag comp"? As to the "p2p" I can only giggle. Seems like you got lost in time for a few years....

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I am having the same problem and itstarting me to piss me off, that is why I google it to see if anyone else was having the same issue. I don't know why or what I am doing but the is so matchs that I can't even shoot in a face to face encounter. My conection is wired as well and I have 100mbs of speed. I just don't understan what is going on.

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