Got Xboxone hoping for no cheating!?!??

Advanced Warfare Xbox One

Boy was I wrong! It's even worse than 360. Why doesn't Microsoft do something? If I were Microsoft I would be embarrassed. I mean here's Microsoft with millions of dollars at their disposal, and here comes some puny little hackers with little or no money and kick Microsoft's butt. Come on Microsoft!! You can build a better system, one that cannot be hacked. Maybe PC isn't hacked. Why do these people cheat? It's only a game. I mean if you suck soo bad at COD, that you have to cheat, why not save the rest of us the hassle and go play Super Mario Kart or something. You cheaters are flys, all you do is eat s@#t and bother people. How annoying!

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The xb1 has not been broken. There are no hacks on xb1. If you want, record some of these "hacks " and post them. You know what's just as bad as cheaters? People blaming their poor gameplay on cheaters.

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yep, that's right I play the game poorly. let's examine that for a moment, I was ranked in the 5000's on MW3, and when on 360 for AW was ranked #364 in domination. After switching to one I lost my Domination ranking and my career ranking fell to 5200 and my K/D is 1 having played over 3000 matches. I am not a great player but at least a fair one. I have played enough to know when things are not right. When I use blind eye, low profile  cold-blooded, and cloaked and get killed at a flag and the guy sights right in (never makes an adjustment). Or comes over a building and boost slams me when using the same perks and cloaked, I would say something is wrong. The cheating is not like MW3 where the guy is in godmode or invisible it is a bit more difficult to detect, especially with the increased rate of speed of AW.

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Killed at the flag? You think that just maybe he knew the flag was there, and you would likely be there. The same with the boost slamming, only, I've done that, and have been surprised because I didn't know someone was there.

Honestly, it sounds like most of what you are seeing has more to do with lag than anything else.  This can really stand out in kill cams. I'll see someone suddenly be there, and one shot me, while their view was them entering the area, me standing there like a dolt, and getting shot at with most of a clip.

It is a fact, that this late in the game, most, if not all the D-bag spots are known. Some, like the big flower pots on retreat, get shot at just to make sure someone is not lurking in them

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Oh the irony... cloaking. LMFAO.

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Umm I know this is old but $70 will give you a usb with wall hacks, aim bot, etc. plus you have always been able to do the same as a modded controller.
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Brilliant post. So much detail and full of facts. Please try and have an actual idea before posting.

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Oh, I am sorry you did not understand my idea. here it is again hope you understand it this time. There are people cheating on xbox and Microsoft seems to be doing nothing about it. I hope this clears things up for you.

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In addition, when you see someone in game, jumping and spinning like a ballet dancer, I'd say somethings up.

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Can you provide an actual video example of this 'so called cheating'? Not really much the forum can do to assist you with no facts to support your claim.  I have not run into any hackers, modders or cheaters on the XB1. The only thing I have seen is glitches that people exploit but it has nothing to do with 'hackers'. The XB1 has not been 'hacked'

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