Got Xboxone hoping for no cheating!?!??

Advanced Warfare Xbox One

I am glad that I see tubes over used rarely. Limiting the ammo, and not allowing resupply, are both good things. While it is a pain in the neck, or lower, and annoying as everything, it is not cheating. To me cheating is using a glitch, such as getting into a wall that you can shoot out of, but no one can shoot into. It is the use of aimbots, wall hacks, god mode lobbies, all the things that I have yet to see in the current gen machines. I know that someone is working on them, and maybe even using them now. If they are, they are being low profile. Once the script kiddies get a hold of this crap all bets are off, the game is over.

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it doesn't matter how much money microsoft has anything can be hacked even the pentagon they can't do anything about it seriously

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