Supply Drop Hung: Won't Open?

Advanced Warfare Xbox One

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I actually currently have this problem. It's like the AW loading screen is always on it and every time I try to interact with it or open it, it gives me the error noise. This is also affecting all of my other incoming supply drops, which I can't even see for some reason. If this is a bug I doubt it'll be fixed this late in the game's life, but this is the first time I've never been able to interact with an advanced supply drop. I've hard reset and it doesn't seem to work. If anyone has any other answers I'd be welcome to them

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I have been correspondending with Activision support for 2 weeks now for the same issue.

I have paid for advanced supply drops as well as several earned advanced supply drops that have been hung up since 8-17-19.

Activision is courteous but unhelpful. They keep appreciating my patience and keep asking me to wait to hear from them.

It's been one of those, polite... but, "Don't call us... we'll call you!" scenarios.

I am contacting the Better Business Bureau tomorrow and reporting them for theft since I have paid for goods that they won't release to me.

This has been a pain in the can and XBOX recently did an XBOX360 update to address items being bought and undelivered, but it didn't address my issue.


I have no confidence in Activision support so hopefully the BBB can help I still some results.


Good luck everyone!

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I have the same problem, I also bought 5 to see if that would work but they didn't even show up! I have tryed everything. This is a joke and like other had said it's theft. Not happy.


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