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As of 11-1-2015 Activision assist on twitter has stated there is no news about Clan Migration from AW to BO3 and its kind of late in the game now. If anyone has any new information please reply below.

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Yes! On Twitter Call of Duty announced clan migration from AW to Black OPS 3. BUT! You start to begin the process then it goes to a loading screen and JUST DOESNT load! I've tweeted about the issue and guess what? NO RESPONSE! Clan wars on BLACK OPS 3 would be Appreciated by all in the Community! 4v4 in ARENA or same format as AW on clan wars in multiplayer mode would be even more appreciated! Just don't use the last company that did the app for AW! They did a VERY CRAPPY JOB at maintaining it! AW app not working anymore and isn't available for download anymore! And did they announce it? Not that I could find. Waiting to manage my clan again! Come on let's not drop the ball on this! 

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