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So I just got home from work. literally turned my Xbox on the second I got inside, and started Bo3. When the game started and was ready to go, i kept on freezing and bugging. after a solid 30 seconds of waiting, I was finally in the menu. only problem is I was level 1 but still had all my Black Market stuff. As I was looking through my titles to see if they were still there, i saw this Fresh Start title. As far as I know, that means either de-rank or I did it myself. I was working all day and haven't been able to access my Xbox. neither have my family, or I don't think so. any way, they'd have no reason to delete my stats, so what in the World is going on? Gamertag is 

Benzofy, Prestige 4 and level something. (Around 1 - 10) I hope this gets fixed as soon as possibly, since i've spent well over 400$ on the game it self. otherwise i'll just have to go play some Destiny again.. sigh. Have a nice day everyone.

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If you have the Fresh Start calling card, someone that had access to your account did this.  Sorry, but there is no reversal of Fresh Start.


The only good news is that all of your Supply Drop items are still there.

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