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Just to re-iterate. There is a bug with Hive that the developers are aware of.

I have experienced myself.

I slid into a Hive (stupidly because I have Engineer perk)  Hive Goes off,,, I duck immediately as my Talon kills an opponent,,,,   I survive but continue to have the red dots circle my avatar,,, furthermore the Hive sound continued until the end of the game.

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When I get home from work (and sleep a little, been awake for 40 of the last 48 hours) I'm going to go thru all my bookmarks and put one big video together for alex. I prolly have 30 or 40 clips I need to edit. I'll post it here once I figure it all out.

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I get that sound/glitch  alot as well...... 

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i also had the same issue i use hive daily decided to make a video a while back on this issue

clearly steps in it if i didn't kill him he would of gotten away

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If I remember correctly, your video was the first I saw on the bug.

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Saw the XClusive Ace get this glitch while playing live on Stream. Had the Hive bugs swirling around him but not killing him. Even when he died he came back and still had them circling his player model.

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Ahhh ok, I thought there was a silent addition to a perk for a counter as this has been happening quite a bit to me too.

Even if I die during the initial reaction to someone triggering a HIVE they should still die if I don't re-spawn, but many don't or won't even if I am still alive.

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I have hit people with my hive, and shot them as well. Since the gun kills faster, it counts as a gun kill. That may be what happened. If your team mate had not shot, you wold have picked up a kill.
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