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Is COD4 multiplayer still active on the 360?  If so, I may attempt it this weekend a bit for fun.

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I didn't start playing CoD (multiplayer) till the end of 2013, giving MW3 a try before my Ghosts preorder arrived. Obviously I then played Ghosts and then AW, but it was AW that made me go looking for a better game and so I went back in time. The earliest CoD I've played online is BO1, although I did play CoD4 and WaW a handful of times on friends' consoles years ago.


I loved the CoD4 campaign and the spec ops missions, and got every single Xbox achievement I could possibly get offline for that game. I would love the chance to play it "properly" online as I don't like the direction recent titles have travelled in, and although I'm not naïve enough to believe all the nostalgia-induced overhype, it does seem like my kinda game B-)


I just hope they wouldn't add any of the recent features that have blighted the series, like death streaks, cheesy attachments or profit schemes. Just a pure FPS experience Smiley Happy

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I am fearful now. All they had to do was BC on the games. That is it.


This remastering is a way to charge an inflated cost and install the new net code into the game for balancing.


And it is disingenuous for them to say they are remastering the game while still using the same game engine.

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