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Lets be honest, the supply drop system sucks. I have spent $75 of my hard earned money on supply drops and i dont have a single weapon. On the other hand, my friend only opens common supply drops, and he has 6 DLC weapons. This is bull*****. Please treyarch, stop this bull*****, get some sense. 

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i haven't spent a dime on the game and have gotten 3 weapons through rare supply drops:


-mx garand

-butterfly knife

-rsa interdiction


i got the mx garand early on. then it was many more supply drops before i got the butterfly knife. then about a week later i got the rsa. there's quite a bit of luck involved but if you play long enough you might just get a few weapons.

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You should learn a lesson from your friend.
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If you spent more on random supply drops than you did on the actual game do you really think the powers that be are going to consider getting rid of such a good thing? Of course not!


The only way to win at supply drops is by not playing. 

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Time to stop buying drops but hey it's your cash wanna spend 100$ to get a 5 dollar model added into a existing weapon file go for it lol

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This thread demonstrates why the system isn't going away anytime soon.


You hate it, but paid anyways. 


This is why Casinos are so successful.

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People don't understand. The only way they take out the cod point dynamic is if you don't buy the cod points.

I have no idea how people don't get it.

STOP BUYING COD POINTS, and maybe they'll change the system. As of now they have no reason to change it cause people like you spend a crap ton of money on it.
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just yesterday in back to back supply drops

I got the HG40 and Marshall 16

Got the MX a long time ago, still have not even used it, as well as a butterfly knife

The HG 40 actually kinda sucks, fires way too slow to compete against Vesper, VMP..etc etc

(and sounds nothing like it does in the real)

The marshall may actually be a little OP

oh BTW, I have not wasted one cent on COD points, nor will I ever

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Once the remastered version of Modern Warfare comes out in Nov you won't have to bother with supply drops.

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