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I'm sick and tired of losing TDM/KC matches because someone on my team absolutely sucks and they do nothing but die. I consistently see players (who happen to ALWAYS be on my team) who can't even break a .1 K/D in a match. I'm talking scores of 1-20 in game modes like TDM, and in KC, its usually 30+ deaths with one, maybe two kills. I understand that they payed for the game and they have just as much of a right to play it as I do. But I am sick and tired of losing match after match because 1 or 2 people on my team account for half or sometimes more of my teams deaths. Personally I don't see how anyone finds it fun to get sprayed down all the time and get 1 kill every 5 minutes. Anyways, something needs to be done.

The first and most radical option is to start kicking players who are doing badly. For instance, if you go on a 15 death streak, you get kicked from the game.

The second option is to isolate these players and put them with other people of similar skill levels in hopes of helping them get better. If your K/D across X amount of games drops below a certain point, you are put into a pool that consists only of similarly skilled players, and even some bots if needed. No one should be kept from playing the game entirely, but they also shouldn't be allowed to be a burden to their team in every single match they play. After your performance improves to a certain point, you're removed from the pool.

The third option is to compensate teams for their terrible teammate. For example, if you don't get X amount of kills for X amount of deaths (it would be a low number, like .2:1) then your team is compensated 1 point for every X amount of deaths that the player has obtained. There would need to be some other parameters put into place to balance this but I honestly don't feel like explaining it at the moment. Yeah I know, free points, but is it really fair for an entire team who might all be doing well to lose because of a single person who does absolutely nothing but die over and over? I can't tell you how many times I've lost a match by a small margin of points, only to look at the scoreboard and see that ricky250918 went 0-20.

This applies only to team deathmatch and kill confirmed. Before you say it, no, I will not go and play objective gamemodes (although I play safeguard from time to time) until they do something about the awareness perk.

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If this bothers you that much then you shouldnt play solo.  And having a mm pool for bad players would just promote boosting.  Its 1 of the reasons SBMM doesnt work.  And those players will never get better playing against guys that are just as bad as them. 

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The Team balancing (sbmm) used in this game in certain modes is causing reverse boosting just like AW. It actually has almost the same effect as well since now you get put on a team with the other best player in the lobby which leads to complete domination of the match, and this leads to even more kills and more wins. Also, players that are real bad at the game would get better playing recruit bots as its the fundamentals that they need to learn, they do not need to play against better players to learn how to aim better.

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Tactics74 wrote:

The Team balancing (sbmm) used in this game in certain modes is causing reverse boosting just like AW. It actually has almost the same effect as well since now you get put on a team with the other best player in the lobby which leads to complete domination of the match, and this leads to even more kills and more wins. Also, players that are real bad at the game would get better playing recruit bots as its the fundamentals that they need to learn, they do not need to play against better players to learn how to aim better.

No I didnt mean to imply that noobs or bad players had to play against better players to improve.  I think it is more of an issue that they dont care to learn or try and get better.  They either rush blindly or stand in the open with no cover trying to take you down in a gun battle.  Ever since stalker and stock were introduced into COD it has had a huge negative effect on noobs cause they dont know how to use it properly or dont use it at all.

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The problem here is when I see people that bad, they are almost always sitting in a dark corner hardscoping a door way. They don't seen to know that the other team can come from many directions. Putting the corner campers in the same lobby will not make them better, and, as someone pointed out, this would lead to reverse boosting so that some of our brothers in arms can get the high kill streaks and the awesome montage clips.

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I play Kill confirmed and TDM solo basically 99% of the time , i have good stats ,usually get bad players on my team .

Have over a 3 win loss in both modes , the mode that bad teammates really effect you is domination ..not these two

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So, you know a guy on YOUR team in TDM is doing badly, and you aren't going after the guys that are handing him his teeth?  Just follow him, and kill whoever is reaping the free points off him.  Secondly,  if everyone always went at least 1.0, no one would ever be able to call in a UAV.  Someone has to have a bad game once in a while.  When I see someone on my team is going 3-7, I start following them to see where the tents are on the opposing team, then I flank them and get some kills (usually), and guess what?  The guy that was going negative usually breaks even (or closer to it) by the end of the match.   Go figure. 

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some of my best games have come from 1 kill and 8 deaths. sometimes i have to adjust to the enemies play style because many lobbies differ in play styles. im always playing hc kc, usually 40+ kills. a lot of my "bad starts" went from 0 and 9 to 50 and 15 by the end of the match. (35+ tags going 45 kills and upward).

although my information is slightly irrelevant, it's not at the same time. i would hate to see someone kicked because of 15 deaths in a row, honestly in KC 15 deaths doesnt equate to 15 points unless all confirmed, so there could be some strategy in denying the kills if you follow them at some point. the game rewards you with style points, IE head shots, collateral, jump shots, wallrunning, and the list goes on and on. ive found myself having really bad games when i try a challenge with a mechanic i am not used to at all, but the challenge gets done painfully or not.

nothing should justify kicking a teammate because of poor gameplay. i personally play alone 99% of the time. if i play with RL friends at my house often times we pass the controller and mess around, talking, eating, socializing, all can cause poor gameplay. you can never truly say someone is a bad player unless you can look at their overall kd, and last 100 games to compare consistency. in my eyes, after 10k kills, you should know what limits you have and where to improve to become even better. this is why skill gap is hard to determine, you don't know everyone's home life situation on how the game is played and by whom... just ponder on it for a little.

im a hc player, id say about half the time a teammate or enemy is kicked it was an accident, the other half is just poor judgement or being trigger happy. so sonetimes the bad players are filtered out halfway thru a match

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Perhaps instead of being another part of the problem, you might actually give some words of advice?  Heck it might even be better to do what Broken said above and take it one step further.  Follow them and give them some useful advice on how to improve while you are covering their ass.  As one of those people who is almost always negative I would appreciate this more than you know.  Sometimes there is a reason.  I have been a competitive gamer all my life for example, and done very well for myself playing games from other genres.  But FPS's I have never played.  I picked up BO3 about a week ago and have been hitting it hard, but I really really suck.  Playing with me you would think I am just bad and I get my fair share of trash talk.  But if you watched my screen my aim is a million times more steady now that I have practiced relaxing into the shot rather than reacting and jerking my shot.  I have practiced my mobility in a gunfight and actually survive fights now that would have just been a free kill for the enemy before.  I am learning the maps, how people play them, and where the weapons I use are strong on them.  I still make a ton of mistakes though in my strategy and would love to know what I could have done instead.  I have figured out a lot of tricks on my own, but that was dumb luck and there is so much more I need to know.  Right now I do suck, but I won't always and if more were like Broken instead of the OP I might do so sooner rather than later. 

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Wow, amazing... An actual team player. Well said Brokenaynjil

1 or 2 good players on a team with 5-4 average or worse players. The "good" player(s) get upset that the "bad" players can't hold their own. That is exactly what the Op said right? .. How indicative of the OP's gaming attitude, and sadly, one shared by some here in our COD community. They whine that people are dragging down their W/L ratio because they can't play well... What they don't realize is that by self inflating their own worth they may be the biggest detriment to the team win.

In TDM all I see is wannabe heroes running like hell to jump in the other spawn and score those kills. It works sometimes, and for the skilled of us it is a normal way to play right? However, according to the OP, they go 50-3 and the team still loses by 20 because the rest of his team couldn't do the same thing. So what does our "skilled" player, the OP do? He whines and b&tch's at the other players. The OP would even go so far as to ban or penalize the weaker players... Ironic, he may be good, but he's definetly not a team player like Brokenaynjil, so while bettering his individual stats, he may very well be the reason for the team loss. He just can't see the forest thru the trees: clueless.

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