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Considering where in 2016 and how popular and profitable the COD franchise is its hard to see the growth within the game. Apart from boost jumping and supply drops nothing has really changed in 8 years. By now the maps should be living things (like battlefield 4) walls should be blown up, cellings should come down using C4, but apart from the odd car exploding nothing changes within the map itself. Maps need to be bigger and more than the 3 way rule to get from one side to another to combat  spawn camping and a enemy spawning right behind you seconds after you have spawned. There needs to be a option to match with similar rated/ level players to you, more often than not 6 out of top 8 rated players will be on one team. (I'm pretty good) stats on guns I don't feel make much difference mainly range and damage as I'll get killed by a ***** range gun in seconds from miles away.

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dude activision is not gunna give the devs long enough to create a new exe even if they want to it wont happen so you wont see change till the franchise is dead or we will simply move away from the series do to lack of change 

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