why does this game struggle at being a game?

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the only real complaints i have about the game are things that have never been an issue for cod.  i mean, i donl't care for superjumps and all that but it is part of the game.  

what i mean is:

headphones cut in and out during this game ONLY

lots and lots of 1v1 games or 3v3 and so on.  even got into a 1v1 domination match on groundwar

drops me out of matches

resets all my changes when it drops me (classes and whatnot)

won't count my progress toward challenges and'/or counts it after i've turned off the gmae and came back on later (days sometimes) which is weird

theater sucks, but matches i've played don't show up at all or much later and buries them in like ten videos later


what's the deal?

this is all stuff that had been fixed games ago, like black ops 1 or maybe even mw2 (perhaps before but that's where i started)


other than that the game is pretty solid, so why are these things coming around

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I've been waiting for an answer on the lost progress/not counting progress for over a month now. I'm tired of it. For over a month my fianceé and I haven`t played multi-player because of it. We`ll try a game or two a week, just to see if they fixed it. They haven`t. An unresolved trouble ticket is just sitting there almost six weeks later and follow ups are all `yes, we know and no, we have no ETR`.


All Activision has done is ensure I will never, ever, buy another title they publish. If they want my money, they can give me a game where my progress, challenges and levels, etc, count and are there the next time I log in. 


Fortunately it`s only MP that`s affected. I couldn`t care less about the campaign and that leaves only Zombies. And with just Zombies, well, I`m not getting good value for my money.

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i only play single player when the game inevitbaly crashes every year

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AND this cod had a beta!

Aka... beta to help the declining pre order numbers.

I also enjoy the gameplay but many things like you listed are a joke. Issues fixed way back when. They even went as far backwards as to not allow us to choose host within our parties. Also, its funny how they bragged about full dedis all over twitter and all for cod ghosts... then aw, and now blops3.. that bragging was nowhere to be seen lol
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Sucks to hear you are having those issues. Besides some of the weird Matchmaking issues, I haven't had those issues (I am on PS4, not sure what console you are on).


You may want to try a hard reset on your console. Basically shut it all the way down and pull the power plug. Leave it out for a few minutes to let the cache clear. If it is a game you play  a lot there is a chance you have some corrupt data messing with performance. Couldn't hurt. I know it is something I do anytime I see anything Wonky going on in-game... and I reset my home network any time I experience connectivity issues. More often than not it helps fix issues.


The Progress loss is a known issue, not sure if a fix is in place. May want to include your platform so they can check in with you.


Good luck, hope things get better for you.

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Yeah it's ridiculous. I had this headphone issue as well, also the stuttering while moving. Biggest joke I experienced is going on right now though, as my prestige master level 22x was reset to level 1 (with all unlocks, hero gear, etc. still there though).
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Heya, NiceDrewishFela.


Thanks for the reply. I`ve done a couple chat sessions with Support already. They have the info already and I did try clearing the saved data/cache. I'll give the hard rest a try (I'm on PS4 as well).


Cheers. Smiley Happy

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I dont know why its like that, maybe activision just doesn't care and only cares about getting money from COD points (or I could just be pesimistic)

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