Anyone else interested in a Black Ops 3 app?

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For a few years there has been a companion app accompanying the release of the newest game and I always liked being able to compare stats with friends on the go or update my classes on the go when I hear a new idea which is what makes me wonder why there isn't one with Black Ops 3. I feel like there is a lot they could do with it this year especially with the addition of the World League to check recent game scores. I'm aware of the the Score eSports app but there is very limited Call of Duty support that I think a Black Ops 3 or general Call of Duty stats app could make up for and add that on the go immersion into the Call of Duty community. What does everyone else think about having aa companion app or the lack of one this year?

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I was very dissapointed when i found out there was not an App or any website support for Clans and stats. I wish they would release an App or a mobile-friendly website that would include all stats and full clan support like other Call of duty had. Maybe bring Call of duty Elite back but in better?

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I'm not.

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