Ban the forum member above you

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You guys are slipping, i thought somebody would have this up before now.

Let the banning begin

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gambit1969 Level 72
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banned for taking initative

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banned for waiting for another to take the initiative. 

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banned for disappearing into the unknown!

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Izjar11 Level 75
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Banned for not knowing he knows what you don't know you know he knows

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Im_Old_School Level 75
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Banned for confusing the living crap out of me

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Banned for letting him confuse you

Tracy | Community Forum Moderator
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Ban all of you because this line is getting too long, especially on my phone.2016-01-29-11-23-56--660427810.jpeg

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bighead14701 Level 75
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Banned for using such a low resolution photograph

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Banned for using such a low resolution ban.

Input lag.

gotsomestars Level 75
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