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So I have been watching people pwn me with pther weapons and I said to myself "I wonder if they would add trading!" And that is basically the idea I have for COD and future generation COD. So how it would work is in the media tab there would be a trading button that if pressed you could send a message or just say "Hey wanna trade?" to an other person on your console or platform. Then if they accept people who couldn't unlock all the dlc weapons like me (only have MX Grand, Fire axe and boxing gloves so far) could trade weapons whether it be customizations or paintjobs and so on and so forth weapons in general. (which y the way will remove from the traders inventory after a day.)

So if any one agrees please try and push this idea/concept towards activision and treyarch so that we gamers can make this idea a reality! #tradingftw 

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well your idea is somekind similar with trade rare supply drops.of course its hard to earn the dlc weapons/camo/calling cards especially the weapons is like hardline 5% can get that weapon even no matter how much you spend on self also give a same idea like you do but mine are trade 5000cp with 100 rare supply which they did it last time..anyway not a bad idea ..

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