Dear Call of Duty Players, Sincerly Battlefield Player

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Dear Call of Duty Players,

As a Battlefield person who has never seen the community before I have some stuff to comment on and state (no I'm not here to take a dump on your game). As we know many CoD fans are leaving the franchise and the CoD community is very toxic and I would not be surprised if there is a comment saying "kys battlefield skrub nub lord I slept with your mom." CoD has gained a reputation of having immature trash talking youngsters that scream into their mics and even I have seen a squeaker in a CoD lobby once or twice. The negativty is spreading throughout this community like a wildfire with the new BF1 VS CoD stuff going on where famous CoD players and YouTubers are leaving and migrating over to Battlefield because the CoD community is in Civil War of people trying to convince others to save themselves and leave but are being opposed by people talking about how CoD is going to be great and nitpicking BF1 to make IW look good. It's like Seria now because no one wants to have such a community come over, as an example, if you asked any Overwatch player if they would accept a tsunami of CoD players over they would look at you with horror and say "hella naw." This can't change overnight either, people part of CoD toxic community can't just wake up at 12:00 AM and decide that they'll do good in the community. I could say much much more but I'll leave it off here, if you want to save your beloved franchise then try your best to straighen up your community. Make it so that people would WANT to come over and play with a fun fanbase, make it so that people will stick around for it's fun fanbase, not what we have now which is "kys skrub I'll 420 no scope you next round like I did to your mother. If you want to come to Battlefield then that's great too, but don't bring the toxicidy with you. There will be several Battlefield players who will belittle you for being a CoD immigrant and they have the right to do so. Imagine YEARS of painful things the Battlefield community has gone through... CoD fans calling the came trash and huge YouTubers beating at our game like it's a disgusting creature and calling their game the holy lands. Just be the bigger man/woman and say "yeah yeah I'm a CoD skrub but what will we do about Objective Butter?" Just a small thing like that is enough to mind boggle a Battlefield player and make him rethink what about his thoughts about your fanbase. Hell, he might even come over and see what the rest of the community is like. The Battlefield franchise finally has a chance to relieve enormous amounts of hate and anger to the CoD fanbase because they are at their lowest, show them that you put CoD behind yourself and want to become a full fledged Battlefield player and they'll most likely respect that. When your in a game don't complain about this or that but rather ask questions to experienced players and that will show that you're actually interested in the game. If you wish to stay then that's cool too. I'm not saying you should apologize for playing CoD, I'm saying you must be willing to change.


You're welcome to join, just don't make things hard



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I could say so many more things but I'll just leave this as that

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You cant just assume only call of duty players talk trash. Its usually immature kids who are annoyed with getting killed so often so they blame other people and trash talk to make themselves feel better. Im sure there's plenty of bf players who talk trash, you even said yourself battlefield players will most likely belittle you for being a cod player... I think people just need to ignore the trash talking and play the game. Calm down and dont get so worked up about it.

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What a waste of a thread you offered nothing of any content . I play multiple games and never feel like it is this game versus that game and oh if you like that game you must be this type of person. You are the one I see trying to start a childish unnecessary flame war. 

You don't need to say anything more ,, what would help is if you work on your overall view and attitude .

I wish you luck in this, it may help you become a better person without such a negative and narrow viewpoint .


relax and enjoy each game without the vs crap and try to have yourself a good one.

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I don't really understand or relate to what your trying to say. I have played BF4, thought it was a good game but chose to stick with COD and didn't have time for two games. I guess I don't get the whole this game is better than that game, it is a personal prefernce just as much as one might like green skittles over red skittles or vice versa. If I migrate from COD I personally am more likely to go to Titanfall and than from there decide if I want to consider BF1 or go back to IW. I won't be joining a game for the community, it's not what it is about for me nor is it for a lot of people. The game or game(s) is about a few hours of fun a day/week or whatever I have time for.

The toxicity in COD, I guess there is that but I don't know enough to say whether it is exclusive to COD. The gameplay in COD seems more solo oriented so maybe it just is a little more personal when you get killed leading to more trash talking, where BF seems more team based but again, I don't play a lot of BF so maybe I am mistaken about that. I also wouldn't expect as big of a migration as you think, lots of people talk, it isn't always the result though. I myself am considering it but I am more likely to still lean toward IW depending on a few things here in the future.

Either way who cares, it's not like you can card at the door, someone buys BF1, IW or TF2, the veteran players of that game will just have to deal. If those veteran players are so mature in BF, wouldn't roasting old COD players be a bit hipocrtical especially since the amount of people that actually talk trash about BF are tiny compared to those that just want to enjoy a video game. How would even know anyway? Kind of a silly post for that reason but I hope you feel good about getting that off of your chest.

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I've played Battlefield and been active on their Forums.


You are lying through your teeth saying there is no negativity and no toxicity.


COD is a very popular franchise with a LOT of good folks playing it. Sure the vocal, toxic few give them a bad name, but those of us based in reality know it to be true.


Both are great games, enjoy it and don't think you can sit in an Ivory Tower and judge others when the same thing happens in every gaming community at one level or another.

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I'm sure this post will make those CoD switchers much less toxic. Robot Indifferent 


"I'm not saying you should apologize for playing CoD, I'm saying you must be willing to change."   Robot LOL  ....pretty twisted my friend. My suggestion would wait until those players come to your forums before you greet them with your hospitality.



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Everyone on the internet talks trash, regardless of what game they play.

Your entire post gives off a condescending tone, which if anything makes me thing that battlefield players are the ones with the problem.

Each game has their own fan base with its own community and its own trolls and negative people....

Not entirely sure of the point of this post, surely you must be trolling?
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