Gaming Monitors - What should I look for?

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I currently play on the Xbox One, using a 42" Panasonic 1080p plasma that is from 2008.  At the time, it was considered a high end screen.  I'm not sure what kind of delay (latency?) plasma screens have, but I'm quite sure that there is some.  On my 32" standard television from 2000, I do play better and have more kills because there is no delay, but the 480p screen is horrible.

For these reasons, I am considering a gaming monitor and have a few questions:

1)  Is 24-27" the "optimal" size for gaming?

2)  There are a million of these on Amazon, my preferred place to buy it, but in this case I would rather hear from the COD community a bit more than just Amazon reviews.

3)  Prefer to stay below the $300 price range.

4)  What is your experience?  Any brands or features that I should ignore?

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I bought a VG278HE 2ms 27" Asus last year.  I think I paid $350.  Had been playing on a 32" Sony for years.  Best thing I ever did.

I know there are a lot of other brands but I only looked at Asus and BenQ cause after research they seem to be the best.

My only complaint is the speakers suck.  Not a huge deal cause I usually wear a headset. 

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As KurtK24​ said Asus and Benq are your best bet but for sub $300 USD (?) there is plenty of choice.

Find some models you like but check this site to determine actual input latency, not Grey to grey response time (what is usually advertised as 'response time') DisplayLag | HDTV & Monitor Input Lag Database

If you want a good 1080P gmaing monitor go for a 24" min and try a 144hz IPS display if you plan to also game on PC.

If just console then a 60hz monitor shall be fine

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I run asus vx238h and my other console is on an asus as well 1 ms refresh rate 23-24 inch screen neither one of them was more than $160 and well worth if for us. I really don't see myself going back to the larger screen . While gaming on these I see everything and more than I ever did in the large screen..

If you don't use a headset and like to hear your gaming loud then you would need to attach a sound system to the monitor since it really doesn't get that loud - not really an issue for me but it could be something that you wouldn't mind knowing.

The other plus is I can move my monitor and console anywhere in the house very easily ( with the amount of consoles and gaming in my house comes in handy ) very light weight and easy to move around.

i Am very satisfied with mine and would recommend some research to get the best value.

There are quite a few to choose from for under $200 with 1ms unless your going for a specific feature only offered on the higher dollar versions.

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