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Dear Activision

This is long over due but I feel rubbed having purchased BO3 from day one along with the season pass after being promised by DV free content over the games year cycle only to be stabbed in the back after you pocketed my money.


I'm a lvl 1000 master prestige with fairly impressive stats & hundreds upon hundreds of hours poured into BO3 multiplayer yet I am 19 weapons short of having all the weapon unlocks! I have not received a single weapon in weeks, ***** near months dare I say & I've been playing fairly religiously. I'm sure the reason being is because I refuse to shovel hundreds of extra dollars your way to support your BS black market cryptokey supply drop gambling BS. What was the point of purchasing the season pass if I'm denied access to content the game has to offer? I'm disgusted how obvious it is that you don't care about your fans & the COD community that has played a MASSIVE role in lifting the franchise to the heights we see today. Well, y'all continue swimming in greens while *****ing over your consumers because at the end of the day it's only business right?

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*claphands*well bro some people not even 1 or 2 weeks even a month not even get a single dlc weapons..some people might be lucky .>.<"everyday im using trade 2 rare supply every 24 hours..trying to get weapons..but no luck too

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This is so true. The supply drops need to be buffed in the odds of getting a weapon or we need more triple plays.

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