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whats with all these p-layers with only 2 to 8 hours in the game of black ops 3 with spm of 280 plus and high ranks, like Lt or Capt...anyone have an answer for this...just curious is all

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Could give you scenario after scenario for this

new account not a new player 😜

playing during dbl xp

there are playstyles that can maintain a much higher spm game mode also matters

game mode also has an effect on spm 


want a higher spm set up only low streaks , spam emp's  play the objective , use your characters special while using the special it increases points. 


These numbers can be deceiving though so don't get caught in the trap of thinking if you see someone with a high kd that you will always lose or if they have a high spm they will always win otherwise the game will be over before it begins. 


I use multiple playstyles and can have a game with an spm of 190 and my next game an spm over 500 and lose the game where I had the higher spm. Go figure 


either way have yourself a good one.

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