Overwatch Servers vs COD Servers

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Tonight I picked up the Overwatch game just cause I needed to take a break from all these connection issues and quite honestly the stupid _____ supply drop weapon garbage.

Anyways, I only had a netduma for a short period so never really compared my connections to COD vs other games. So here is the comparison...

Live in Illinois, normally connect to Iowa. My ingame ping for BO3 according to duma is on average about 35m to 65ms but it quite often does jump as high as 95ms and on occasion even higher than that. I get extremely inconsistent results all the time even when the pings and the server matches. Keep in mind I am able to do this becasue net duma allows me to limit the region. In order to limit the region, that reduces certain games I can play since there are not many matches for some modes and game types. Now since the server is basically a state over, I wouldn't think it should be so bad, right!?! Ok, we all know COD servers, they are not consistent on any level at least in my recent experience.

So tonight, I picked up Overwatch, the main server I connect to is in Souther California, across the country, you would think it would be bad. Nope, I am getting consistently between 10ms and 20ms and normally below 15ms. The game play is so much smoother, absolutely no evidence of lag, no issues finding game. Given, only been playing it for a few hours but even on COD BO3's best days, it never gave me that ping and never game 100% flawless gameplay.

So what is the deal, I can at least now eliminate my equipment, my ISP, my console, my router, my service and even Microsoft servers. Unless I am missing something, which is possible since this is not my expertise, the only difference here is COD servers vs Overwatch. Now I imagine COD is more popular and you think they would have more traffic, likely reasoning on their end. However, if that was the case, all that tells me is they didn't want to put the expenditure for preparing for that type of traffic given they have been the best selling game for years. Now I can make assumptions on why, how cheap and money hungry they became with this pay to win supply drop garbage but that post is for another day, we all know Activisions greedy game.

Anyways, I am just curious why the connection with COD BO3 is so bad and the other games are not even close. The traffic is not really an excuse since they have had so many years to try and iron that out and if that is the reason, it is just simply them being cheap as hell, no shocker there.

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